• Shree Ridhhi Siddhi yantra

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    Shree Ridhhi Siddhi yantra ( Size=9"X9")

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More about Shree Ridhhi Siddhi yantra

Shree Ridhhi Siddhi yantra ( Size=9"X9")

Shree Ridhhi Siddhi yantra is an extremely powerful and effective instrument for the devotees, who are facing problems in their lives. The ones who are sufferers of long-run court cases, land disputes, contention with family members and relatives are the people who are most benefited by this Ridhhi Siddhi yantra. Riddhi and Siddhi are the wives of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the son of Mahadev (shiv) and Shakti (Parvati) and is devoted before the beginning of something new. Ganesha is believed to clear all the Barriers and hindrances and guide us to move in the forward direction. The head of the elephant signifies sagacity and insight, and a different intelligence that one should have to acquire satisfaction in life.

Lord Ganesha's marital status is different in various mythological stories. In some stories, he is identified as unmarried with no spouses, and in others, he is associated with the notion of intelligence (buddhi), prosperity (Riddhi), and spirituality (Siddhi), these ideologies are manifested as Devis who are contemplated as his wives. Siddhi is considered as reaching the utmost goal, which is beyond the natural human capacity and Riddhi means the expanding riches and luxury. This Riddhi Siddhi yantra helps the owner overcome the loss and stress in their life, this yantra is also helpful in marriage related issues and monetary problems. When someone adopts the Riddhi Siddhi yantra, he gets ease from various problems and issues in his life and experiences an increase in his health, wealth and pleasure. This yantra helps the devotees in accomplishing their desires. The devotion of this yantra blesses the devotee with fame, increased focus, intellect, and success. Children and adults who face difficulties in their academic should worship this yantra, it will develop their intellect and help in achieving success. The establishment of this yantra workplace for the house blesses the owner with a healthy and disease-free life.

One should always keep this in mind before starting the Puja that he must clean his house and take a bath. After the yantra is installed, it should be purified with the water of the river Ganga and diyas of ghee should be lightened before the yantra. The owner along with his entire family should perform the Aarti in front of the Riddhi Siddhi yantra, the yantra should be placed in the northeast direction.Yantra should be fixed in a manner that it faces the west direction. The devotee should offer flowers on the yantra, and pray to the yantra to fulfill all his desires and wishes. This yantra will bless the owner and his family with good luck and money.

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