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Buy American Diamond (White Zircon Gemstone) Online

American Diamond Gemstone  | Buy White Zircon stone | Ratanrashi

American Diamond or White Zircon Gemstone are part of the family of Zircons. Zircon is a mineral that belongs to the group of silicates called nesosilicates. White Zircon Gemstone is one of the oldest mineral stones found on earth and is believed that it is of similar age as that of the earth. It derives its name from the Persian word ‘Zargun’ which means ‘gold hued’. Naturally, the Zircons stone occur in many colors such as blue, yellow, green, red, brown, grey, and colorless. White zircon’s rich and elegant luster and clarity make it a very apt substitute for diamonds.

Reserves of White Zircon Gemstone are found in many countries worldwide, however, Australia is the leader in Zircon mining yielding almost 37 % of the total world produce closely followed by South Africa at 30%. Other countries where it is found are Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Norway, Germany, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

Who should wear White Zircon Gemstone

It is believed to be associated with the planet Venus, however, astrologers must be consulted before wearing this gemstone. It is sometimes used as a substitute for diamond. People suffering from constrained relations with spouses are advised to wear this gemstone. White Zircon Gemstone is also preferred by the people who have a weak Venus in their chart.

Vedic Rashi: Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus). Ascendants of Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius signs can also wear a Blue Zircon gem.

Benefits of White Zircon Gemstone

White Zircon Gemstone is a very beneficial gemstone and it brings happiness, prosperity, and financial status to the wearer. It improves the relationship between husband and wife and bestows blessings for the happiness in the family. It improves the financial status of the wearer and brings new means of earning to one's life. It is also beneficial in improving stamina and energizing the body and the soul. .It provides the wearer with a very stable and calm mind and soul. It enhances the expressiveness of the wearer and also brings clarity to the thought process. This person becomes a great visionary. He is blessed with an artistic and innovative bent of mind.

It has got very strong healing powers and cures the person suffering from depression and psychological issues. It also helps to cure problems related to reproductive and immune systems.

White Zircon Gemstone Price

The range of White Zircon Gemstone starts from Rs 1500 and may go up to Rs 4000 per carat. The price of Red Zircon varies with quality, size, origin, and place of purchase. Prices also vary from one country to another and also from one place to another within the country.


1. Which origin of White Zircon is better for astrological results?

White Zircon Gemstone of Srilankan and Cambodian origin are a good choice.

2. When choosing White Zircon, what should I value more – color or origin White Zircon of good quality has appeared clear and colorless like a diamond. Hence it is important to see the color of the gemstone before buying.

3. Which is better for astrological requirements, white zircon or American Diamond?

American Diamond is associated with the planet Venus and hence it is astrologically more relevant to be worn to ward away the evil effects of Venus. However, due to cost constraints if a person is not able to afford a diamond, then he may be advised to wear white zircon as a substitute.

4. Is it relevant to wear cubic zircon as a substitute for white zircon for astrology requirements?

Cubic zircon is a synthetic lab-created version of zircon and hence not recommended for astrological requirements.

Quality of White Zircon Gemstone

Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying White Zircon Gemstone:-


White Zircon Gemstone is sourced from many places like Sri Lanka, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique, Korea, Tanzania, and Vietnam. The best quality is found in Sri Lanka and Cambodia.


White Zircon Gemstone appears to be almost colorless and if this appearance is complimented with a brilliant luster then these look exactly like American Diamond.


White Zircon Gemstone are usually given a brilliant round cut which brings out the best shine in them and makes them an apt substitute for American Diamond.