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Buy Online Shree Ketave Yantra at best Price from RatanRashi


The Shree Ketave Yantra is a powerful talisman used for the worship of Lord Vishnu. The natural stone is brought from the Gandaki river-beds in the Muktinath region of Nepal. Also known as Salagram, Shalagram Sila, and Saligram, this precious stone is smooth and spherical. It is offered in a pure array. It is believed to bring peace, prosperity, good health, and yoga.

This pure copper Yantra has a fine 24K gold finish and deep etchings. This yantra is best placed in the east, so that it gets the positive rays of the Sun. It can be placed on a table or hung on a wall. It is recommended to place the yantra facing the East, since it attracts all kinds of positive vibes.

This Shree Ketave Yantra has the power to attract prosperity and remove negative energy from one's life. It can also remove the effects of snakebite and other sudden ailments. Its worship helps in removing hidden enemies. This talisman is most effective when placed in a north or east direction, as the energies in the north-east are powerful.

Shree Ketave Yantra is a powerful talisman for the Ketu planet. It will pacify Ketu's hidden enemies, remove negative energy, and improve your business. It will also help you gain victory over enemies.

Shree Ketave Yantra Benefits

There are many Shree Ketave Yantra blessings. Firstly, this yantra has the power to attract divine energies. The mantras engraved on it bring good luck and protect the devotee from negative consequences. The Yantra should be placed in an auspicious place and it should be worshipped daily.

Secondly, the Shree Ketave Yantra has a long history. This ancient yantra is believed to date back to the time of the Upanishads. This yantra is considered to be very beneficial and auspicious, and it is present in many temples throughout the world.

The Shree Ketave Yantra has many benefits and is especially beneficial for people who are in need of a spiritual boost. Among the benefits of this yantra are that it is very effective for balancing the planets and removing negative energy. It also helps heal physical ailments and provides spiritual advancement.

Lastly, the Shree Ketave Yantra helps you get rid of the ill effects of Ketu and Rahu. This yantra can help you become more focused, mentally stable, and able to overcome any problems. In addition, it connects you to cosmic energy. By concentrating on the Shree Ketave Yantra, you are pitching your mind directly into the divine force of the Yantra.

This yantra has several benefits, including positive transformation energies for your home. It is best placed in the East or West direction of your dwelling. The positive energies it provides will spread throughout your home and surround you with a positive aura.

Buy Online Shree Ketave Yantra

When it comes to attracting good luck, a Shree Ketave Yantra is a great choice. This beautiful talisman is made of pure copper, covered with a 24K gold plating. The yantra features 39 facets and is beautifully etched on a thick sheet. This talisman is suitable to place in your home, study room, or at the entrance. You can also place it on a table, or even as a wall hanging. The best place for this talisman is in the east direction.

This talisman can help you with many aspects of your life. First and foremost, it can remove the effects of bad karma. Second, it can bring about positive results in your career. It can also bring victory over enemies. Third, it can help with the prevention of many health problems. In addition, it is a powerful tool in meditation.

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This powerful talisman will help you protect yourself from bad luck and improve your health and well-being. Chanting the mantra correctly is crucial to the effect of the talisman on your life. Make sure to chant the Ketu Beej Mantra correctly in order to obtain the best results. You should chant the mantra 108 times per day in the Kalyuga month and 108 times in the Sahasrara year.

This yantra has mystical geometry that gives it the power to transform any area. It can be placed anywhere in the house, but it works best near the entrance or living room. You can place it on a table or hang it on a wall. Ideally, the yantra should be placed facing the East, so that it can be energized by the sun's rising rays and the divine vibrations of the East corner. The mystical geometry of the Shree Ketave Yantra provides positive transformation energies.

The Shree Ketave Yantra is an auspicious talisman that is believed to remove negative energies and appease the planet Ketu. Ketu is one of the nodes of the Moon and can be considered a shadow planet.

The Shree Ketave Yantra can be combined with a 5mm string of Rudraksha for a Rudraksha mala. The Rudraksha mala is worn while chanting the Shiva mantra and is said to help lower blood pressure and bring stability to the entire body.

The Shree Ketave Yantra is a powerful tool that can bring immense happiness and success to your life. This ancient Vedic astrology tool helps to appease the planet Ketu and remove all bad effects from your life. It can also remove hidden enemies and adverse conditions. 

The Shree Ketave Yantra is most effective when installed in the East section of your dwelling. The rising rays from the Sun energize it and bring positive vibrations to all parts of your home or office. The placement of the Shree Ketave Yantra should be done so that it can be seen by all people. At Ratanrashi - Buy Certified Gemstones online at best price.