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Buy Turquoise Gemstone (Firoza ) at Best Price

Turquoise Gemstone naturally occurs as hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. It is opaque and occurs in colors ranging from blue to bluish-green. It derives its name from the french word ‘turquoise’ which means ‘Turkish’ because, in the 17th century, it was first brought to Europe from Turkey.

It is believed to possess various astrological and healing properties and hence it is recommended by astrologers. It is the significator of good health, wealth, and happiness.

Who should wear Turquoise Gemstone?

It is associated with the planet ‘Jupiter’. It should be worn by the people who have a badly placed Jupiter in the chart. People who’s chart depicts ascendants of Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Aries can also wear this gemstone. But care must be taken so as to wear the gemstone only after consulting a good astrologer. It is an ideal choice for lawyers, teachers, students, researchers, etc.

Vedic Rashi: Dhanu (Sagittarius)
Ascendants: Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Aries

Benefits of Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise Gemstone is believed to bring financial and health gains to the wearer. It blesses the native with good decision-making skills and provides wisdom. It improves the overall status of the wearer and brings repute in society.

Firoza gemstone also has good healing properties and brings relief in the liver and immune system-related ailments. It also helps in curing jaundice and TB.

Turquoise Gemstone Price

The price of Tiger’s eye ranges at ratanrashi between Rs 300/- per carat to Rs 1500/-- per carat. The rare Iranian and Persian turquoise are the costliest due to their deep blue color. Tibetan and Chinese ones are the cheapest as they are not very clear and come with a web-like pattern. The bluish-green color turquoise is the valued one. Spotless and turquoise free of any scratches or spiderweb patterns are of good quality and are costly.

FAQs about Turquoise Gemstone

1. What is the significance of Turquoise?
It is considered to be a great healing gemstone and very good for overall prosperity, wealth, and health.

2. Is Turquoise a rare gemstone?
The Iranian and Persian Turquoise is considered to be of the best quality and very rare.

3. Which color Turquoise is the rares?
Robin’s egg blue or medium intense blue color is the rarest and costly variety.

Quality of original Turquoise Gemstone

Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying Turquoise Gemstone:-


Iranian and Persian Turquoise is considered the best and high in demand. Its brilliant blue hue, high clarity, and silky luster make it stand apart from other origins. Tibetan and Chinese Turquoise should be avoided as these are of low quality.


Turquoise gemstone or firoza occur in color running from light blue to deep bluish-green. The darker and intense Bluish-green Turquoise is the best quality. These are sourced from Sleeping beauty mine, Arizona, or the evenly saturated medium blue turquoise from Persia.

Clarity & Surface Texture

Spotless and clear Turquoise is very rare and commands a very high price. Mostly Turquoise is opaque and has visible matrix patterns which reduce the quality and the value of the turquoise. Spiderweb Turquoise is very common and of lower quality and value.


Turquoise is found in numerous shapes. Oval-shaped Turquoise is very common and is low priced. Turquoise of drop shape, pear shape, marquise, and round are rare and highly-priced.

More Information

A turquoise gemstone can be worn in a number of ways. This gemstone is known for its beautiful color, which is often used in jewelry, cabochons, and beads. The rough firoza is also popularly styled into beads and other flat pieces that are used as inlays. These pieces can be worn in pockets and on the desk, while tumbled turquoise is often placed under the pillow for a more relaxing and restful night's sleep.

Blue turquoise stone is also believed to have magical properties and is associated with wealth and prosperity. It is also said to calm anger and establish harmony. In fact, women in the Middle Ages used to sew the stone into the men's clothing to attract love and money. This stone has the power to bring about a number of positive changes in your life, and is therefore often associated with success in business. It is also a good choice for lovemaking and marriage.

The Blue firoza is a wonderful choice for people facing financial problems. It helps you increase your knowledge and achieve success. It also promotes your concentration. People with troubled finances or a weakened Jupiter are said to benefits. It is also said to be a powerful cure for kidney, liver, and immune related illnesses. It improves your overall physical and mental health. And despite its beauty and versatility, this stone has been used by ancient people as a means of ensuring prosperity and health.

While turquoise crystal is used in Native American jewelry, it has become increasingly popular as an alternative to gold and silver. Its rich, vivid hue and striking contrasts are appealing and can be used in jewelry. But there is a downside to this stone: it is commonly very pale and has a greenish tinge. While some people find this distasteful, a high-quality turquoise has no visible matrix and is completely transparent. If you want a turquoise crystal that catches the eye, consider purchasing a piece of green or copper-coloured gemstone.

The color of this stone depends on how the stone is formed. This blue-green stone is commonly known as turquoise and can be found in a number of locations. The gemstone's color can vary from sky blue to greenish blue, and the shades can be hard to distinguish from each other. Native Americans have used turquoise or firoza for hundreds of years to exchange goods with others and to express wealth and status. They also used turquoise in jewelry for rituals, including weddings.

In the ancient days, the turquoise stone was used as a symbol of love. Young, single women often gave these gemstones to their lovers as gifts to signify everlasting love. It was also used to protect from accidents and theft. In today's world, the stone is widely used for its astrological benefits. The turquoise stone  rings can align the chakras, protect the wearer from harm, and align the energy of the body. When worn in jewellery, the gemstone will protect the person who wears it & Buy Original & Blue firoza stone price in india.