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Buy Shree Chandra Yantra Online at low price | चंद्र यंत्र | Ratanrashi

“Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sa Om Chandraya Namah”

  • This yantra can be used for meditation.
  • It helps you to be more focused and mentally stable.
  • This yantra is a window through which you can connect with divine energy
  • Chandra Yantra helps in maintaining the mental balance of the mind and gives peace of mind.
  • It maintains your mental and emotional life.

Shree Chandra Yantra is connected with the Moon. It works with parenthood and love throughout everyday life. You foster great instinctive capacity and experience harmony of the psyche. You make progress. You guzzle positive characteristics of the Moon. In the event that Moon is feeble in your introduction to the world graph/Kundli, having a cleaned, empowered and enacted Chandra Yantra is an unquestionable requirement for you. You are to then become prosperous, procure riches. You are to stay considerate and kind. You are to order regards in the group of friends. You are saved from profound injury and become liberated from wretchedness, stress

Manner of wearing Chandra Yantra

  • Yantra should be worn on Monday or full moon day.
  • A person who wants to wear the yantra should get up early and take a bath.
  • Pray to Ganesha in your mind and wear white clothes.
  • Then the person should perform puja to Lord Shiva.
  • The person should sit facing north.
  • White colored sweets like pure cow ghee lamp, jasmine flower incense stick, red sandalwood paste, white flowers and kheer should be offered.
  • Water should be offered to the Moon in the evening after bathing.
  • Giving food the next day is a virtue.

This Yantra is used for benefits in cash related matters.

  • Admittedly, a properly honoured Chandra Yantra welcomes very gigantic gains.
  • Yantra is said to improve a person's life and achieve changes in his/her way of life by attaining extravagance.
  • Shri Chandra Puja Yantra is said to achieve happiness and contentment. A person who wears this yantra is said to lead a more joyful and contented existence.
  • It changes the perspective of life.
  • Sri Chandra Yantra is known for managing life for loved ones and can change it decisively.
  • Shri Chandra Pooja Yantra is duly promoted and blessed by a group of Pandits and Rishis.

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    Chandra Yantra

    The Chandra Yantra is a powerful tool that is used to cure illnesses related to Chandra's malefic position in the horoscope. This yogic instrument helps the practitioner to achieve their desired state of health and happiness. Chanting Mantras is a powerful way to make the most of the benefits of this yogic tool.


    The Moon of Chandra yanta is very beneficial in calming the mind and emotions. It is the ruler of the Moon in the Birth Chart and controls the emotional and mental balance. If the Moon is weak or unbalanced in the Birth Chart, it can cause problems related to water, mental and emotional health, and even lack of self-confidence. In addition, the Moon is responsible for the menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is important to have a good Moon Yantra for these problems.

    There are many ways to energize a Moon yantra, including chanting the 108 Moon mantras. These mantras have powerful energy healing properties and can bring about a positive and auspicious experience for its owner. It is important to perform these rituals on a regular basis in order to get the most benefit from the Moon yantra.

    The Chandra yantra can be placed on the work table or in the home to help maintain mental and emotional balance. It is also very helpful in removing negative energy in the environment. It can also be placed in your wallet or purse to keep it with you at all times.


    The Siddha Chandra Yantra is a talisman that is worn to benefit the wearer. Its effects are said to be extremely beneficial to people suffering from various ailments and conditions, including emotional trauma. It is also said to cure many health problems, including breathing problems, chest infections, and mental depression.

    The Siddha Chandra Yantra is made of copper with gold plating. It contains the image of the deity Chandra and a special combination of Chandra Yantra numbers. The number combination affects a person's temperament and personality. Chandra is often associated with childbirth and fertility, and its absence can cause infertility. The Siddha Chandra Yantra also helps in creating an uplifting atmosphere. This talisman can be worn as a locket or kept in an image.

    Chandra is the Moon god in Hinduism. He is the son of Sage Atri, and is associated with fertility, the moon, and the human mind. Worshipping him will bring happiness to a person's life. He can help him develop his imaginative abilities and help him avoid suffering.


    The Sacred Salagram of Chandra yanta is a stone that enshrines the six virtues of life. Vaishnavas worship this stone as their main object of worship. They believe that the Sacred Salagram offers them spiritual elevation, good health, harmony, prosperity, righteous living, and all worldly comforts.

    The Shaligram of Chandra yantsha should be installed in a home puja altar. This way, the Shaligram's energy is awakened and able to serve its purpose of spreading positivity. Hence, it is important to perform daily obeisance to it.

    The Shaligram of Chandra yant is made of crystal glass and is framed in a heavy wooden frame. It helps in counteracting the malefic effects of malefic planets and provides the mind with peace. It also helps in healing any problems with the mind or emotional state, and enhances love life.

    The Shaligram of Chandra yant is used for meditation and can increase mental stability and focus. It is also a powerful tool for achieving union with God. Moreover, it connects us to the macrocosmic energy, allowing us to be attuned to it and receive its benefits.

    Mantras to chant

    If you are looking for spiritual practices that help you gain enlightenment, you might be interested in learning about Chandra yanta mantras to learn how to chant these powerful incantations. This article will give you an overview of the Chandra yanta, along with some of its benefits.

    Chandra Mantras are beneficial for many purposes. For example, Chandra mantras can help you get rid of skin-related diseases and improve your performance at work. It also promotes inner beauty and self-awareness. When performed correctly, Chandra mantras are believed to increase one's self-confidence and reduce depression.

    Chandra yanta mantras are also helpful for relieving the stresses and anxiety of everyday life. By focusing on this heavenly body, they can clear the mind of all anxiety and promote a state of mental clarity. They can also help you enhance your vision, memory, and other mental faculties. In addition, Chandra yanta mantras can help you improve your emotional balance and handle sensitive situations better.