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Buy Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed) Online

Best Gomed Gemstone | Buy Hessonite Stone Online | RatanRashi

Hessonite Gemstone is a variety of Grossular stones (calcium-aluminum species of the garnet group of minerals). It has a brownish honey color which is slightly inclined to orange or yellow. It has derived its name from the Ancient Greek word ‘Hesson’ which means ‘inferior’ (because of its lower hardness and density among the garnet species. Commonly it is also called ‘cinnamon stone. In Hindi, it is called ‘Gomed’.

Hessonite Gemstone is found in Srilanka, Africa, and India who contributes a major portion of the complete production. It is also found in other places like Brazil and California.

Astrologically it is associated with the shadow planet Rahu, which is a malefic planet by nature. Rahu makes the native a very secretive and defiant person. It creates havoc in the native's life and imbibes all negative energies in them. Hessonite Gemstone is a very sought-after gemstone because of its beneficial astrological properties.

Vedic Rashi: Aquarius

Who should wear Hessonite Gemstone

As per astrology the Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed) linked and ruled by Rahu makes it the best choice for the people with an Aquarius Zodiac sign in their chart. It should be worn by the people who are facing the wrath of Rahu and it brings good and positive results during the Dasha periods of Rahu. People who are practicing meditation or spiritualism and are in search of moksha should wear Hessonite for success.

Benefits of Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite Gemstone when worn brings relief from the negatives of Rahu and protects the wearer from the ill effects of Rahu. It enhances the power to focus and concentrate and hence helps the wearer to work in the right direction to gain success. It brings about gains in the professional fields of government service, law, science, IT, etc. It is a very powerful tool for improving natives' image in society. It is very good for the students in their studies. It improves family relations and brings harmony among family members.

Hessonite Gemstone also has many healing properties and is found to be helpful in the cure of infections and allergies. It also cures heart problems, cancer, blood pressure problems, and intestinal issues.

How to wear Hessonite Gemstone?

A Gomed or Hessonite Gemstone is worn in the middle finger of the working hand. It gives the best results if worn in silver. Generally, one Ratti is considered for 12 kg body weight. So, when your body weight is near 60 kg or near 60 kg, you need to wear a Hessonite gemstone of 5 Ratti. It is worn on a Saturday evening during Krishna Paksha (descending moon) at sunset. 

Day and time to wear: Any Saturday morning of Krishna paksha (waning moon)
Finger: middle finger of working hand

Price of Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite gemstones are semi-precious and the price ranges between Rs 100/- to Rs 5000/- per carat depending on the quality and origin of the gemstone, with the ones from Srilanka being costlier. For better quality, the cost may still go beyond this.


1. Which origin of Hessonite is better for astrological results?
Hessonite of Srilankan origin is a good choice.

2. When choosing a Hessonite Gemstone what should I value more – color or origin?
Hessonite Gemstone of a very intense honey color is of good quality and if it is of Srilankan origin then it is furthermore superior. Hence both color and origin are important to select a good hessonite.

3. On which finger can I wear Hessonite?
As per Vedic astrology opal ring should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand for best astrological results.

4. What is the relevance of wearing Hessonite Gemstone?
Hessonite Gemstone brings an end to the ill effects of Rahu and helps the wearer regain his professional, financial and social status. It enhances the personality of the wearer and improves his skills.

Quality of Hessonite Gemstone

Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying Hessonite at ratanrashi:-


Srilankan Hessonite gemstones are considered to be the best. But if one wishes to go in for a cheaper version then Brazilian Hessonite is an option.


Hessonite of intense honey color is of good quality. Its warm color makes it a good choice for ornamental uses in jewellery.


Hessonite showing good transparency and having no spots or least inclusions are supposed to be of very high quality and hence are very precious among other hessonites.