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Shree Kanakdhara Yantra Best Quality | श्री कनकधारा यंत्र - BuyNow

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra has many benefits and is an extremely powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity. This magical talisman is engraved on a thick sheet of metal, and is said to energize the place it is placed. It is especially beneficial to install it near the entrance of the home or office, near the reception area, or near a study room, and it can also be placed on a worship altar. Generally, it is best placed facing East as it receives the divine energies of the east corner and the rising rays of the sun.

This talisman carries the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and is a powerful tool for removing obstacles to wealth flow. The word dhara means flow in English, and the yantra represents a gold stream. Installing a kanakdhara laxmi in your home or at your workplace will remove obstacles that prevent you from achieving financial success.

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi yantra is an ancient talisman used by yogis to improve their prosperity and happiness. This talisman was created by Adi Shankaracharya to help people get rid of poverty, sickness, and other obstacles that impede their progress. It is a powerful tool for removing obstacles, allowing you to live a life that is rich in every aspect.

Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra Benefits

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to its devotees. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word "dhara", which means "flow." The Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of wealth. The yantra is believed to clear all obstacles to wealth and prosperity in the home and workplace.

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra is one of the most powerful Ashta Siddhis of ancient India. The yantra is said to provide wealth and prosperity in all areas of life, and is associated with Ashta Siddhis (spiritual abilities). Placed on the altar with a purified and focused mind, it attracts wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra can help you manifest your desires and dreams. It can remove obstacles from childbirth and improve luck for women. It is also known for attracting wealth and removing debts. However, it is important to note that not all yantras are created equal.

In addition to its wealth-attracting powers, the Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra can help you obtain buried wealth and ancestral money. The yantra invokes the goddess Kuber, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lord Kuber's blessing opens new avenues for wealth accumulation and promotes success in business. The yantra is also believed to remove problems in life, including serious illnesses, problems with love, and obstacles to success.

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The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra is a highly effective spiritual tool that can be used to help the wearer with many different issues. This powerful yantra is said to remove poverty and give the wearer the power and authority he or she needs to live a successful life. The yantra is also said to remove obstacles in a person's life. For example, if the wearer is facing a problem with their career, business, or personal life, this yantra will remove that problem.

The Shri Kanakdhara Yantra is made from a natural stone that is believed to be blessed by Lord Vishnu. This stone is obtained from the Gandaki riverbeds in the Muktinath region of Nepal. It is also known as Salagram or Saligram Sila. It is a fossilized seashell that is spherical in shape. When recited correctly, the Shree Kanakdhara Yantra can help cure numerous ailments, such as insomnia and depression.

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra is an ancient spiritual tool that invokes the blessings of the Vedic Goddess Laxmi to help you overcome your obstacles in life and attain prosperity. It removes barriers to work and prosperity and offers financial stability for the entire family. It also opens doors to prosperity and luck for the wearer and their descendants.

The Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra is used to attract abundance, clear debts, and get rid of obstacles. It is a very powerful magical yantra that will help the wearer to attract money from various sources. It helps remove any financial obstacles and will provide you with unlimited wealth.

This Yantra performs as Ramban and is a rare and most powerful yantra for acquiring wealth. Shri Adya Shankarayacharya used this Yantra for organizing rain of gold balls. This yantra showers Ashat Ridhi and Nav Sidhi. Cash Box and Almirahs. Kanakdhara yantra helps in acquiring abundant wealth, prosperity, good fortune. It also helps in getting rid of failures and miseries. This is an extremely effective yantra to gain unexpected wealth, and it contains the power to attract wealth from more than one source.

Many opportunities for earning money open up suddenly.

This Yantra helps in getting. Abundant wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped through this Yantra, and once satisfied, the deity takes away all traces of poverty from one's life and showers one with riches and splendor. This Yantra should be worshipped on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali.

This Yantra is connected with the term “Rain of Gold’. This means that Goddess Lakshmi bestows wealth on the worshiper of this powerful Yantra. For a common man worshiping this Yantra makes a person wealthy and financially stable.

The worshiper of Shree KanakDhara Yantra becomes wealthy and become prosperous. This Yantra is believed to be very much helpful for people engaged in business to expand their business notably. The person leads a lavish and comfortable life. If one is in kind of debt trap, worshiping this Yantra makes you clear all your debt. Pavitra Jyotish caters to a cleansed and fully activated KanakDhara Laxmi Yantra.

Where should Shree Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra

On a Wednesday in your worship place, this Yantra and having put forward flowers and rice grains, illuminate incense sticks. Only 21 times. Do this for 11 consecutive Wednesdays and after that, keep the Yantra in your safe or where you keep your valuables or cash.

Beej Mantra for this Yantra

Following Mantra should be recited while worshipping the Shree Kanakdhara Yantra:

“ Om Vang Shreeng Vang Aing Hreeng

Shreeng Kleeng Kanakdharayai Namah “

Benefits of Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra

  • Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra attracts an infinite flow of wealth and luck
  • Kanakdhara Laxmi Yantra helps in acquiring immense wealth, prosperity, and good fortune
  • Kanak Dhara Laxmi Yantra can sure reverse the ill-fortune and open the doors to good fortune for the whole family
  • One gains respect in his/her social circle


This Yantra consists of circles, which are called chakras, lotus petals are known as the Padma, and the inverted triangles are called Shatkona. At Ratanrashi - Buy Certified Gemstones online at best price.