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Before buying the original Australian Fire Opal Gemstone, You should read astrologer consultation  

Fire Opal Gemstone is a hydrated amorphous form of silica and is not in a crystalline form. The Opal stone belongs to the mineral class of “oxides and hydroxides”. Opal gemstone has derived its name from the Greek word “opalius” which means \'precious stone\'. Opal is available in many colors and shades like milky, brown, bluish, colorless, yellow, orange, red, etc.

The original Australian Fire Opal Gemstone is a translucent variety of opal which displays warm body colors ranging from yellow to orange to gold. These rarely show any color play, however, sometimes a stone will show bright green flashes. Querétaro in Mexico is the most popular supplier of fire opals and these opals are commonly referred to as Mexican fire opals.

The primary source of Fire Opals is Mexico. In Mexico these are found in the states of Queretaro, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Michoacan, Julisio, Chihuahua and San Luis Potosi. Queretaro\'s mines are the most important and have been mining since 1835. Some small quantities of these opals are also found in Oregon and British Columbia.

 Vedic Rashi : Taurus and Libra

Who should wear Fire Opal Gemstone

Fire Opal Gemstone must also be worn by the people who have a bad Venus in their chart, but care must be taken so as to wear this gemstone only with the advice of an astrologer. People having strained relationships among spouses may also be advised to wear this gemstone. 

Benefits of Fire Opal Gemstone

Fire Opal Gemstone is a significator of loyalty, faithfulness, harmonious husband-wife relation, and good social status. It enhances these qualities in the wearer. It brings a luxurious and happy life to the wearer. It brings prosperity and good health and wealth. It has great healing powers and cures liver and urinary system-related problems.

How to wear Fire Opal Gemstone?

Fire-Opal gemstone is to be worn on any Friday morning of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon) in the middle or ring finger of your right hand. Before wearing an Opal gemstone, it is to be dipped in a mixture of Gangajal, curd, honey, tulsi leaves, and ghee for 20 minutes to purify it. Before wearing it it is to be charged by chanting the mantra ‘Om Shun Shukraye Namah’ 108 times.

It is worn in white metal like silver or white gold in the form of a ring.

Day and time to wear: Any Friday morning of  Shukl paksha (waxing moon)

Finger: middle finger of working hand

Price of Fire Opal Gemstone 

Fire-Opal gemstones are semi-precious and the price ranges between Rs 500/- to Rs 7000/- per carat depending on the quality and origin of the gemstone, with the ones from Mexico being costlier.


1. Which origin of Fire Opal Gemstone is better for astrological results?

Australian Fire Opal Gemstone, Mexican Fire Opals are of good quality and are a good choice.

2. When choosing a Fire Opal Gemstone, what important factor should be kept in mind?

Good quality Fire Opal Gemstone are from Mexico and Australia. Red fire opals gemstones are rare and precious. It displays a look of fire.

3. On which finger can I wear Fire Opal Gemstone?

As per Vedic astrology Fire Opal Gemstone ring should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand for best astrological results.

4. What is the relevance of wearing Fire Opal Gemstone?

Fire Opal Gems is best to bring relief to marital discord cases.

Quality of Fire Opal Gemstone

Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying Fire Opal Gemstone:-


Mexican Fire Opals are considered of the best quality. But if one wishes to go in for a cheaper version then Columbian Opals are the option.


Fire Opal stone of bright red color is considered of the best quality and beneficial. Opals of other colors are also good but only for ornamental needs.