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Buy online original Tiger Eye Gemstone, You should know about Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger's eye is a gemstone that displays the cat’s eye phenomenon or chatoyancy. It is a metamorphic rock and its color ranges from golden (darkish yellow) to red-brown. Original Tiger Eye Gemstone carries a unique silky luster. It is a member of the quartz group and its luster is due to the parallel intergrowth of quartz crystals and fibers. 

Astrologically this gemstone is used as a substitute for Ruby but is given the least preference. Hence it is more of ornamental value than astrology. this gemstonehas no side effects hence can be worn with ease.

Its natural deposits occur in India, Myanmar, Australia, Namibia, the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, and Spain

Who should wear the original Tiger Eye Gemstone?

Tiger Eye Gemstone has got some healing properties and hence can be worn by people for overall good health and maintaining calmness. It can also be worn by people looking for better inner and physical strength.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Gemstone

Original Tiger Eye Gemstones are blessed with mystical powers and bring about good health to the native. It removes all fear from the mind and curtails anxiety. It improves the decision-making power of the person and makes him more patient and calm. It is beneficial in improving one’s self-confidence and courage. It has been found to be helpful in curing skin and bone-related problems.

How to wear Tiger Eye Gemstones?

Tiger Eye Gemstones are to be worn on the ring finger of the working hand. It should be worn at the time of sunrise on Sunday during the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon).

Day of wearing: Sunday

Finger: Ring finger of working hand

Time of wearing: 5 to 7 am

Price of Tiger Eye Gemstones

The price of Tiger’s eye ranges between Rs 200/- per carat to Rs 800/- per carat.


1. What is the significance of Tiger Eye Gemstones?

It is considered to be a great healing gemstone and a very good mood booster and energizer.

2. Is this a rare gemstone?

This is not widely distributed around the world but where it exists, it is in abundance hence it is not precious.

3. How to charge the Tiger’s eye stone?

It is believed that Tiger’s eye gets charged and energized by keeping it exposed to the moonlight.

Quality of This gemstone

Following are the suggested features from ratanrashi or expert astrologer that one should consider while buying original Tiger Eye Gemstones:-

The Quality of Original Tiger Eye Gemstones can be gauged from their color, finish & chatoyancy. A Good quality Tiger Eye stone would display a silky luster with proper optical effect and golden brown color. Chatoyancy effects on the stone’s surface should be clearly visible. A Tiger-eye stone with spots or cracks should be avoided.

If you're looking to buy a Natural tiger eye stone, there are several factors that you should consider before buying. First, you must know what the tiger stone is made of. Usually, it is made of quartz. Although some people don't agree with this claim, there is evidence to support it. Moreover, gemstone is a member of the quartz family. Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.

The tiger eye stone is known to radiate positive energy and is very helpful for the lower chakras. It holds the combined energy of the sun and Earth, so it helps its users feel grounded and gain new outlooks. This stone helps to push away mental roadblocks, and it helps people realize their deepest desires. Hence, it's an excellent gemstone  if you're looking to boost your self-esteem and take risks in life.

This semi-precious & natural tiger gemstones is a member of the Quartz family, and is characterized by its silky luster and golden-brown colour. Its distinctive feature is its ever-shifting light effect. Its bands of light appear to reverse as the stone moves in relation to a light source. This effect is caused by light reflected off microscopic fibers of crocidolite, which is a blue form of asbestos.

This is an excellent meditation stone, and can help you get in touch with your inner self. By removing distractions and negativity, the tiger gemstones enhances your concentration and helps you focus. It can also relieve stress, anxiety, and restlessness. People who wear tiger gemstones jewelry feel more connected to their partner and develop a deeper sense of intimacy. You can even use this stone to attract new romantic relationships.

The brown tiger stone is a great choice for the Solar Plexus Chakra. It can help you make your ideas come to life and give you the courage to face challenges. It can also help you balance your lower chakras and bring about greater clarity. It can also be a good choice for earthy people because it helps with concentration, will power, and balance. If you're looking for a tiger stone, you can find it in Australia, Brazil, India, Spain, the United States, and many other places.

The brown tiger stone is a powerful gem for your body and is an excellent stone for rebalancing your endocrine system. Among its benefits, the brown tiger stone will improve your self-confidence and make you feel more grounded. You'll be more positive, more focused, and more motivated to take action. Besides, it can help you cope better with seasonal depressions. So, why not give it a try? You'll be happy you did! Know the price of original tiger eye stone price

Another way to cleanse the tiger stone original is to burn sage. This smoke will help remove negative energies from your body. Simply burn a sage branch over the stone for thirty seconds and visualize the desired goal being fulfilled. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area. This is the best way to cleanse a Tiger stone. You'll be amazed at how easily this stone can help you. Just be sure that you do it regularly, and you'll be happy with your new-found success!