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Shree Chakra | Shree Yantra | श्री यन्त्र मंत्र Buy Now at Best Price from Ratanrashi

The Shree Yantra  is a beautiful geometrical pattern that is based on Hindu astrology. It can be used as a meditation tool and can help you achieve a number of different occult effects. The Shree Yantra is considered one of the most powerful tantric designs, and has become a popular way to connect with the divine.

The Shree Yantra consists of nine independent triangles (or trikons). Each of these triangles has four points pointing upwards and five points downwards. A total of 43 smaller triangles surround the Shree Yantra. At the top of the Shree Yantra is a pair of Lotus, the first one belongs to the ashtadal while the outer one is known as shodshal.

The Mahameru triangles are a powerful symbol of the Divine. They point upward and downward and represent the male and female energies. They are the source of all creation. The triangles that point downwards represent the fire element of Shiva, while those that point upwards represent the water element. The triangles that point upward signify spiritual desire.

This yantra has powerful hidden powers. The yogi is able to channel the energy that the yantra receives to manifest his or her wishes. In addition to its benevolent effects, the Shree Yantra also generates a wonderful fragrance when lit.

Shree Yantra - Mantra and Yantra Benefits

The Shree Yantra is a sacred geometry pattern composed of nine trikons (independent triangles), four of which point upward and five of which point downward. It is also composed of 43 smaller triangles. The yantra is surrounded by a pair of Lotus, the innermost of which is called the ashtadal and the outermost Lotus is known as the shodshal.

The Shree Yantra has the power to bring prosperity, power and authority. It helps us to achieve all our worldly ambitions, whether it's wealth or fame. It can stabilize a failing business, increase materialistic goals, and replace our insecurities with positivity. It can help us in many different areas of our lives, including love, relationships, and our careers.

When using a Shree Yantra, it's important to do it with reverence. Ensure that the yantra is in a place free of dust and other debris. Also, when placing the Shree Yantra, place it where you can see it and face it. In addition, place it on the north or east wall of a room.

The Shree Yantra helps you to connect with your spiritual self and purify your mind. It can also help you to free yourself from the cycle of birth and death.

Buy Online Shree Yantra

If you're interested in buying a Shree Yantra, you'll find many options available online. These energised metal pieces will radiate positive energy and bring you wisdom and wealth. But be sure to shop only from an authentic vendor. Buying one from a secondhand vendor will only give you a false sense of security.

Sri chakra yantra are used by many people to worship Laxmiji, the Goddess of success, courage, prosperity, and eternal bliss. The Shree Yantra can help you achieve all of these things and more by eliminating the negative forces in your life. A silver Shree Yantra is considered to have special powers against evil. It is a must-have in any Hindu puja room.

It can also help you overcome Vastu defects in your home. Regular worship of the Shree Yantra can help you achieve Ashtasiddhi and nine Nidhis. The Yantra can also help you gain fame and money and solve all your life problems. It's a good idea to worship the Shree Yantra on a festival day such as Diwali.

The Sri Chakra Yantra is one of the most popular products available online. It's available in a wide variety of colors and can be engraved in any font. It's a very personal and powerful symbol, which carries great power.



The Shree Sampurna Yantra, also known as Shri chakra, is for the health, wealth, prosperity. It is also to eliminate all kinds of problems, negativity, anxiety, and stress one faces. Sampurna Yantra is popularly known as the Lion on all Yantra because it is the strongest, powerful, and the king of all Yantras. People believe that it is the heart of God and Goddess. It is very beneficial, Yantra, for keeping your concentration power high and meditation. In today’s world, everyone is after money and seeks for a wealthy and healthy lifestyle. The Yantra is fruitful for the wealth because it is devoted to the Goddess.

Mahalaxmi, who is the grantor of wealth. The word Shree Yantra is derived from the word “Shree,” which means wealth, and “Yantra,” which means instrument.

It gives you spiritual as well as worldly satisfaction. People all around the world worship Shree Yantra. It is carved on stone and is worshipped by a priest. The reason why Yantra is so powerful because they are made only at a particular date and time. It is believed that by using the right Yantra and the worshipping method certainly bring you promising development in your life.


Where should it place in the home?

Shree yantra Sampurna can be placed anywhere, be it your home or workplace. It should be placed in such a place where it is facing to the North- Eastside. You can put it o your office table, shop or factory. If you place it in your office/ workplace, it will remove all your hurdles and will only bring you good luck and fortune, and growth in your career. If you feel stressed due to problems, it will take away your concerns and provide your relaxation.


Om Shreem Hareem Shreem KamaleKamalaleyi


Om Shreem Hareem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha

This mantra is called the Shree Yantra Mantra.

Benefits of Shree Sampurna Yantra

  • The Sampurna yantra helps in clearing out all your negative energy and hindrance from your way and helps you achieve peace.
  • The Sampurna yantra can be used by anyone, regardless of their gender, caste, religion.


The Sampurna Yantra it embodies9 triangles in it of different size intersecting each other to form 43 smaller triangles. It is systemized in 5 levels. It beautifully symbolizes a temple with four doors, which depicts that it is open for all religions.

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