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The Onyx gemstone is a variety of the mineral Chalcedony which exists in the form of parallel bands of various colors, with the black color is the most sought after. Black onyx is comparatively rarer than the other colors of onyx. ?

Onyx gemstone is used astrologically as a substitute for other gemstones like green onyx is a substitute for Emerald which is costlier. Onyx gemstone is considered to protect the wearer from all negative energies and malefic effects of ill deeds targeting a person. Onyxes are the best remedy known which protect the wearer from the evil eye. It is also called Sulemani in India.?

Onyx gemstones are a significator of romance and bonding. The Sulemani gemstone or Onyx Stone are considered to be beneficial in condensing the indomitable feelings of sexual desires of a person.

Onyx blesses the wearer with great strength to enhance his confidence and supports him to believe in himself and his own strength. It provides much-required energy to stand up against challenges of life and overcome stress.?

Reserves of Black Onyx gemstone are found in South American countries Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. They are also available in Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, and the UK.?

The associated planet as per Vedic astrology: Saturn

Who should wear Onyx Gemstone

Onyx gemstone represents the planet Saturn. People who have a weak Saturn in their Kundli must wear this gemstone to safeguard against the ill effects of Saturn. It is also advised to the athletes.

Benefits of Onyx Gemstone

Onyx gemstone enlightens the wearer.

How to wear Onyx Gemstone?

Onyx gemstone should be worn in Silver or in gold. It is to be worn in the little finger of the left hand. Before wearing the gemstone should be sprinkled with holy Gangajal, on the day of wearing, the ring is to be purified by offering pooja, and then it is to be worn. It is to be worn on Saturday and worn after sunset.

Day and time to wear: Any Saturday evening?

Finger: Little finger of the left hand

Onyx Gemstone Price

Onyx gemstones are not very costly and the price ranges between Rs 500/- to Rs 9000/- per carat depending on the quality and origin of the gemstone, with the ones from Russia being costlier.


1. When choosing Onyx, what should I value more? color or cut?

Onyx of good quality must have a deep color. Generally, the black color version is most valued and sought after.?

2. On which finger can I wear Onyx?

As per Vedic astrology, the Onyx gemstone ring should be worn on the little finger of the left hand or as advised by the astrologer.

3. What should be the minimum weight of Onyx for astrology?

It should be a minimum of 1/10 of the bodyweight of the carat of onyx gemstone or as prescribed by the astrologer consultant.