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Buy Onyx Gemstone Online | Green White Onyx stone | RatanRashi

The Onyx gemstone is a variety of the mineral Chalcedony which exists in the form of parallel bands of various colors, with the black color is the most sought after. Black onyx is comparatively rarer than the other colors of onyx. Onyx is a celestial gemstone which are utilised as astrological substitutes for gemstones. For instance Green Onyx is a prophetic substitute for Emerald. ONYX gemstone is a sort of Chalcedony which has equal grouped layers. The shades of the groups might go from white to numerous different shades like dark, blue, green, red, red-orange, orange, honey and so forth. The different assortments of Onyxes are utilized for Astrological as well as healing purposes.

Onyx gemstone is used astrologically as a substitute for other gemstones like green onyx is a substitute for Emerald which is costlier. Onyx gemstone is considered to protect the wearer from all negative energies and malefic effects of ill deeds targeting a person. Onyxes are the best remedy known which protect the wearer from the evil eye. It is also called Sulemani in India.?

Onyx gemstones are a significator of romance and bonding. The Sulemani gemstone or Onyx Stone are considered to be beneficial in condensing the indomitable feelings of sexual desires of a person.

Onyx blesses the wearer with great strength to enhance his confidence and supports him to believe in himself and his own strength. It provides much-required energy to stand up against challenges of life and overcome stress.?

Reserves of Black Onyx gemstone are found in South American countries Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. They are also available in Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, and the UK.?

The associated planet as per Vedic astrology: Saturn

Who should wear Onyx Gemstone

Onyx gemstone represents the planet Saturn. People who have a weak Saturn in their Kundli must wear this gemstone to safeguard against the ill effects of Saturn. It is also advised to the athletes.

Oynx and the zodiacs

 Vedic astrology from ancient India includes different types of gemstones in constellations of stars and planets. In this long tradition of astrological belief, the black onyx gemstone is associated with Leo birth dates.

 In Sanskrit, the Leo zodiac sign is Simha. Black onyx is also the mystical stone of December. Black onyx and planets Hindu astrology links gemstones to a planet as well as a zodiac sign, and the black onyx gemstone is used to represent the planet Saturn – helping the wearer stay in control of everything while remaining grounded and balanced.

In classical ceremonial magic, pieces of the black onyx gemstone are carved into the shape of the head of the god Mars or Hercules and worn to give the wearer courage and bravery

Benefits of Onyx

  • Onyx stone improves strength, endurance, sturdiness and restraint.
  • Onyx Gives self-assurance, assisting you with being quiet in your environmental elements. Onyx ousts pain, upgrades poise and invigorates the force to make good decisions.
  • It supports satisfaction and favorable luck.
  • Onyx treats issues of the bones, bone marrow and blood. It is useful for teeth and the feet.
  • Onyx further develops focus.
  • Onyx helps our self-assurance and awareness of certain expectations.
  • Onyx will hone the feeling of hearing and mend sicknesses of the inward ear. It works on the capability of the nervous system, assists with shortcoming of the eyes and can brace the insusceptible framework against vulnerability to contamination.
  • It lightens stress, strain and apprehension, disposes of disarray and bad dreams. The dark variety invigorates face difficulties throughout everyday life.
  • It spreads joy in the wearer's life and brings rain and happiness It improves concentration and makes you more responsible Improves hearing It can help you overcome destructive pasts and toxic relationships It prevents the negative emotions of life It can also help you change your habits This will help attract money

Health benefits of Onyx

Removes emotional stress Improves concentration It helps with complications and problems related to menstruation Strengthens the heart and kidneys Treats vision-related problems including glaucoma (Disclaimer – This article is based on general public information and statements. India TV has not verified its authenticity.

How to wear Onyx Gemstone?

Black onyx set with silver, white gold and yellow gold highlight this mineral gem and make it even more beautiful. The brown and white layers of onyx, also called Sardonyx, look best in antique silver.While often paired with a more rustic silver look, red and white layered onyx, also called carnelian onyx, is uniquely attractive for black or brown fabrics.

Onyx can be worn on the smallest finger of the left hand or the middle finger to increase the properties of the Onyx. People can choose to wear Onyx jewelry in the form of Onyx necklace, ring, bracelet and pendant etc. The most common metal for Onyx gemstone is silver .

Onyx gemstone should be worn in Silver or in gold. It is to be worn in the little finger of the left hand. Before wearing the gemstone should be sprinkled with holy Gangajal, on the day of wearing, the ring is to be purified by offering pooja, and then it is to be worn. It is to be worn on Saturday and worn after sunset.

Day and time to wear: Any Saturday evening?

Finger: Little finger of the left hand

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How do you recognize real Onyx?

There are several methods to identify genuine Onyx stones. The good and best properties of Onyx can be verified by observing the same color of the stone and its smallest inclusions, always looking for untreated and unheated natural stones.

Onyx stone, with its hardness range of 7, is scratch resistant to numbers lower than 7. But for a reality check, you can scratch the surface with anything in the range of 1-6.5 in hardness - for example, a fingernail sitting on a low . 2 hardness, with this we observed a scratch on it, the stone is not genuine.

Onyx Gemstone Price

Onyx gemstones are not very costly and the price ranges between Rs 500/- to Rs 9000/- per carat depending on the quality and origin of the gemstone, with the ones from Russia being costlier.


1. When choosing Onyx, what should I value more? color or cut?

Onyx of good quality must have a deep color. Generally, the black color version is most valued and sought after.?

2. On which finger can I wear Onyx?

As per Vedic astrology, the Onyx gemstone ring should be worn on the little finger of the left hand or as advised by the astrologer.

3. What should be the minimum weight of Onyx for astrology?

It should be a minimum of 1/10 of the bodyweight of the carat of onyx gemstone or as prescribed by the astrologer consultant.

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