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Buy 9 Mukhi Rudraksha Online - See the Benefits Nine Face Rudraksha

“Om Hreem Hum Namah” - Chant this mantra 108 times.

9 mukhi Rudraksha can be accessed in different formations and among all the formations, it is the most authentic and most basic variety of Rudraksha. The white lines are not deeply scratched and you get some margin to show results. Fan of Nine mukhi Rudraksha Nepal wins overall and turns out to be strong and bold. Be that as it may, 9 benefits of  9 mukhi rudraksha original for both Nepal and Java varieties over the course of a mulberry cycle are practically something very similar. Indonesian Java pellets are an exceptionally more modest size and arguably less expensive. Buy & know more about original 9 mukhi rudraksha. price

Meaning of 9 Mukhi Rudraksha

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is the type of Goddess Durga (Shakti). Contains the power of Nav Durga the Nine Godities. When summoned, the Mother Goddess favours a lot of energy, strength, dynamism and courage, which are the essential ingredients for achieving harmony and results throughout everyday life. The planet of decision is Rahu. This Rudraksha has such an unusual use in Vastu that being able to achieve a formidable guarantee, no dark and mysterious malevolent forces can remain in that house where the Nine Mukhi Rahu Rudraksha is kept. The wearer sure gets victory in all his undertakings. This rudraksha balances the Ajna Chakra and should be revered alongside Golden Shivling. This brings great preference among relatives and provides the whole house or work environment with a calm and peaceful atmosphere.



• It eliminates the apprehension about abhorrent spirits and phantom spirits.
• It helps win and rules over a wide range of foes.
• It assists construct and upgrade association with Goddess Durga and favours with the force of obliterating sins and stresses
• Eliminates the malefic impacts of the planet Rahu.
• Favours with valiance, fortitude, perseverance, name and distinction.
• Makes the wearer positive, dynamic and brave.
• Directs the working of the Brain and Nervous framework.
• Gives help in hypochondriac problems, mental issues like trepidation, fear, OCD, mind flights and stresses.
• Gives help in discombobulation, dizziness, vitiligo and so forth.


Astrological Benefits:

•    9 mukhi eliminates the malefic impacts of Rahu and fortifies its benefic impacts
•    9 mukhi assists with getting help in Rahu Dosh
•    9 mukhi Rudraksha assists with getting help in Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha
•    It gets help in Kaalsarp Dosh 
•    It assists with getting help in Surya Grahan Dosha and Chandra Grahan Dosha


Spiritual benefits :

•    Nine Mukhi Rudraksha gets its energy from Nav Durga Maa.
•    It has the power to solve problems easily.
•    The wearer can easily control his anger.
•    The bead gives peace of mind.
•    The wearer of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha always has God with you.

How to wear it?

It is essential to have the correct style of wearing 9 Mukhi Rudraksha. Having the correct technique can help with the strength of the blow, and provide beneficial results.
•    Before wearing the 9 Mukhi Mantra, wash the Rudraksha using cow's milk and Gangajal.
•    Reciting the mantra while wearing the promising bead is persuasive.
•    Saturday is the best day to wear 9 Mukhi Rudraksha.
•    Wearing 9 Mukhi Rudraksha means a lot in your legitimate playing plans to get positive energy.
•    You can read the mantra by placing the bead on your right hand.


Technique to activate and purify Rudraksha and Mala beads before wearing

Get the full benefits of 9 mukhi rudraksha original by adhering to the basic guidelines.

•    Dilute this blessed dot with five things in a steel or silver bowl with unboiled cow's milk, ganga gal or holy stream water, while perhaps not then in any fresh water, honey, pil/belva patra, misri
•    Light 5 incense sticks.
•    Place the bowl in your love point and chant the mantra "Om Namah Shivaay" at least several times. It will make all Shakti Jagrit and enable pellets along with filtration.
•    It is best to finish this cycle somewhere around one hour before dawn after washing and putting on any new white fabric.
•    Try not to touch rudraksha globule/mala for urination, dead body etc. If anything like this happens, re-decontaminate as above.


At RatanRashi,

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•    We provide a lab certificate that ensures that the Rudraksha is 100% natural.
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Do's and Don'ts of Wearing the Nine Face Rudraksha:-

•    Bead worship is important.
•    Keep your trust in him 100%.
•    Avoid flaunting your Rudraksha beads to anyone.
•    Avoid wearing broken rudraksha
•    Do not give your beads to anyone.
•    Avoid non-vegetarian foods.
•    Do not drink alcohol.
•    Do not wear it when visiting a funeral service.
•    Remove it before bed.
•    Put it where you worship God.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha and Its Uses

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha are said to contain the blessings of Goddess Durga. The nine-fold power of this rudraksha is said to be beneficial for the wearer in a variety of ways. Among the many uses of 9 Mukhi Rudraksha is that it protects the wearer from evil forces. The nine mukhi Rudraksha spring into action readily and can provide protection from evil.

The Nine Mukhi Rudraksha represents the Goddess Durga and is used to protect one from negativity. It helps in boosting one's vocabulary, regulating brain functions, reducing sugar, and giving relief from psychological disorders. This rudraksha is also believed to have the power of the nine goddesses, the Goddess Durga, and is ruled by the divine Mother, Goddess Shakti.

The Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is said to work on the Sahasrara Chakra, also known as the Crown Chakra. The Sahasrara Chakra is the connection between our body and the universe, leading us to the highest form of Consciousness. Wearing 9 Mukhi Rudraksha can help re-energize this chakra and bring us closer to the Divine. It can also aid in the removal of tension, enabling us to be calm in our thoughts.
Nine Mukhi Rudraksha are not to be flaunted or given to other people. The bead should be washed with raw cow milk before wearing it. For best results, consult with an astrologer before wearing them. By following proper procedure, you can maximize their power and effects. For the best results, use 9 Mukhi Rudraksha in the correct way.

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha has powerful healing powers for the owner. It can remove the malefic effects of planet Rahu, and improve the position of planets in your horoscope. Wearing it makes you powerful and positive. It also provides relief from various health conditions, including eczema, vertigo, and neurotic disorders. Furthermore, it is believed to protect the wearer from accidents.
Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is said to cure skin problems, dispel fear of ghosts, and provide happiness. It also activates the Sahasrara Chakra, allowing for spiritual growth and success in all areas. It has the power to heal your body of illness and restore balance between the material and spiritual world. It also provides relief from headaches and dizziness, while increasing your self-confidence. 
The nine mukhi Rudraksha is endowed with the divine grace of Maa Durga, and works on the Sahasrara Chakra, which is ruled by Rahu. Wearing nine mukhi Rudraksha is believed to release fear, improve self-confidence, destroy sins, and regulate brain and nervous system functions. The nine mukhi Rudraksha also reduces the negative effects of Rahu. Get to know the 9 face rudraksha price at ratanrashi.

The nine Mukhi Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is an auspicious combination of four and five Mukhi Rudraksha. The nine mukhi Rudraksha is said to hold the blessings of the divine powers of Lord Brahma, Goddess Durga, and Lord Shiva. It is believed to align the inner soul to the universal love. And, it strengthens the Ajna Chakra, bringing auspiciousness and peace to your home and workplace.


Side Effects of Wearing a Mala of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

One of the most important benefits of wearing a nine mukhi rudraksha mala is its energy. It is said to give you more energy than you can possibly imagine. However, the nine mukhi rudraksha is very powerful and can cause negative side effects if used improperly. Listed below are some of the side effects that can occur after wearing the mala. Make sure to avoid these side effects by wearing the mala correctly and carefully.

- Increased vocabulary. This powerful rudraksha helps improve memory, control anger, and regulate brain functions. It can also help reduce blood sugar levels, which means that the bead can help those who suffer from diabetes and other medical conditions. Wearing a nine mukhi rudraksha can also make you more confident and brave. It can also help you learn foreign languages. It is believed to boost vocabulary power.

- Reduction in fear. It is said to reduce your fear of Lord Bhariav and bind negative energy in your life. This rudraksha can help you learn new languages and increase your vocabulary power. Additionally, it can help you manage the negative effects of Ketu, which is a malefic planet. This rudraksha is beneficial for the health of your heart, your mind, and your eyes.

- Success. The nine mukhi rudraksha protects you from the evil spirits and ghosts. It gives you courage, strength, and stamina. Wearing it can increase your self-esteem and boost your spirituality. If you can manage to get a good rudraksha, you will enjoy a prosperous life. When you wear the nine mukhi rudraksha, you can achieve success in life and live a long and happy life.