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Buy Pearl Gemstone (Moti) Online at best price

Pearl Gemstone is produced in Shelled mollusk. It is composed of calcium carbonate. The pearls occur naturally and are also farmed from pearl oysters and fresh water mussels. Ideally pearls round and smooth but they also occur in another shape.

Pearls gems are found in Sri Lanka, Persian Gulf, Mexico, Australia, and India. Sri Lankan pearls are considered the best in quality. But cost-wise Bahrain is the costliest. In Our country Bay of Bengal has the best quality pearls.

Pearl Gemstone is one of the gemstones which comes in different color and sizes. Different colors of pearls are white, pink, yellow, copper, peach, black, etc. In common language, it is known as “Moti”.

Pearl is the stone of the planet Moon. White color pearl we use for astrological purposes. When the moon is afflicted or ill posited in horoscope pearl can be suggested. Pearl considered a cooling crystal. Moon controls our minds. Pearl has the power of the moon and hence it has the power to control and balance our mind. Wearing pearls reduces anxiety, stress and gives peace of mind. It is also helpful in giving clarity and in taking wise decisions. Pearl boosts our self-confidence and positive behavior.

Who should wear Pearl Gemstone?

Aries, Cancer, and Pisces ascendant people can wear pearls throughout life. Rest Who’s moon is afflicted in the horoscope can wear pearl after proper astrological guidance.

Benefits of Moti Ratna?

The best part of Moti ratna is that it has no side effects. It is very soft in nature. It nourishes our minds and gives proper direction towards the right path. Mental strength depends on the position of the Moon in the chart.

How to wear Pearl Gemstone?

Moon should be worn on any Monday in the morning between 5 to 7 am. It is to be worn in the little finger of the working hand and to be worn in the metal silver. Before wearing it should be purified by dipping it in the holy Gangajal and then charged by chanting mantra 108 times as given below:-

Moon Mool Mantra : Om Chandraay Namah
Moon Beej Mantra : Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandraay Namah
Vedic Rashi: Cancer
Day of wearing: Monday
Finger: Little finger of working hand
Time of wearing: 5 to 7 am

Pearl Gemstone Price

The price of the Pearl stone depends on its quality to include its color, shape, size, and luster. In India, its price ranges between Rs 900/- per carat to Rs 2.15 lakhs per carat.


1. Which origin of Pearl Gemstone is better for astrological results?
Basra pearl is the best quality of moti.

2. When choosing Pearl Gemstone, which is better and natural out of South sea pearl and a natural pearl?
Natural pearls gemstone are ones that grow naturally without any human intervention whereas the south sea pearls are cultured pearls and grown inside the body of mollusk manually. Hence both are genuine however the natural pearl is costly as it is rare.

3. What are the identification features of Basra Pearl?
The certificate provided by the Bahrain authority certifies that the pearl is genuine but does not give its origin. Basra pearls are characterized by features such as baroque-shaped, slightly creamish, and small in size.

4. Cultured Pearls Gems are synthetic or fake?
No, they are also genuine but are grown with human intervention.

Original Moti Ratna Quality

Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying Original Moti at ratanrashi:-



Best quality Pearls are considered to be the Basra Pearl from Basra city of Persian gulf and these are very precious. Pearls of good quality are also found on the coast of South India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Myanmar, Mexico, and Venezuela. Some popular pearls are South Sea pearls from India, ‘Kahil Moti’ from Sri Lanka, Mikimoto Pearls, and Akoya Pearls of Japan.


Pure white Natural Pearl having a slight rosy overtone is the most precious followed by cream-colored, deep golden, and black-colored pearl.


Pearl which displays a luminous lustre are considered best quality and are high in demand.


Round and near-round Pearl are rare and considered most precious.

Moti stone more information

The Pearl gemstone is a best Astrologer gemstone. It is known to strengthen the Moon in the wearer's horoscope. The Moon is the ruling planet of our emotions, and is associated with calmness and tranquility. The Original Moti Stone enhances the Moon's power in the wearer's horoscope, making him or her more emotionally healthy and accessible. It is also beneficial for those who are feeling depressed or hopeless, as its calming qualities can help in this regard.

The pearl is said to grant extraordinary foresight, protect against evil eye, and balance hormones. pearl precious white are also the birthstone for June. They are traditionally worn as wedding rings or to commemorate anniversaries, especially the third and thirtieth anniversaries. But, despite their mystical powers, many people do not know much about pearls, and have no idea what they are. It is important to understand what a pearl moti is and how it affects us.

Moti precious white stone necklace is also an excellent gemstone for the Moon, as the Moon represents love and nurturing. It is especially useful for people with problems with the Moon, as it can help them cope with the symptoms of this disease. Wearing a high-quality moti enhances the Moon's power. Pearls are a good choice for women, as they improve concentration, reduce mental anxiety, and enhance the woman's sense of well-being.

As a result, wearing the white pearl stone will ensure that you are happier, and will be able to better handle your relationships. This will help you make good decisions for your life. Moreover, wearing a pearl-gemstone ring will make you more attractive to your partners. The moti is also believed to enhance memory power, and make a person's physical and mental beauty more attractive. So, wear a moti ratna ring if you want a harmonious and happy relationship!

The Moon rules the second house of wealth. Wearing a moti should be done only when the Moon is in a sign that aligns with the ascendant of the Moon. If the Moon is in the 12th house, wearing the Pearl gemstone is not recommended. Similarly, if the Moon is placed in the 11th house, the moti stone is not recommended. In any case, you should avoid wearing a pearl-gemstone if the Moon is in the 5th house of Scorpio.

Wearing a pearl-gemstone on the left hand should be done in consultation with an astrologer. This will help you avoid the negative effects of the pearl on your relationship. Wearing a pearl ring can help you achieve your goals in life. It also helps you achieve financial success. While it's not advisable to wear a pearl ring on your left hand, it can help you gain fame and wealth.

Moti ratna come in many colors. While white is the most common color, other colors include silver, green, blue, and black. Some Pearl Stone even have an iridescent quality, known as orient. This is a quality that depends on the quality of the nacre surrounding it. Good quality pearl moti should reflect light very well and have a suitable layer of nacre. A pearl's luster will increase when it reflects light.