• 822007 Natural Cats Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia) - 6.50 Carat Weight - Origin India

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    Cat’s Eye is considered as the most effective tool in warding

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More about 822007 Natural Cats Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia) - 6.50 Carat Weight - Origin India

Cat’s Eye is considered as the most effective tool in warding

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The naturally existing gemstone (or the mineral) chrysoberyl’s variety called Cymophane is commonly known as Cat’s Eye. The Cymophane, which is translucent, depicts a natural phenomenon called ‘chatoyancy’ or the Cat’s eye phenomenon, due to which the appearance of the gemstone resembles the eye of a cat, and hence the name ‘Cats Eye Gemstone ’. The chatoyancy is caused due to the presence of inclusions of the mineral 'rutile' (titanium dioxide). In India, it is also known as ‘Lehsunia’. It is associated with the shadowy planet ‘Ketu’.

Cats Eye Gemstone has origins in many countries like Srilanka, India, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, Myanmar, and the USA. The best quality among these is the ones from Srilanka.

Who should wear Cats Eye Gemstone

Cats Eye Gemstone is considered as the most effective tool in warding off the ill-effects of Ketu, hence a person having badly placed Ketu in the Kundli should wear Cats Eye Gemstone. People who are suffering from the wrath of Ketu should wear Cat's Eye. People whose profession is linked to betting or gambling or speculations such as share markets are prescribed to wear a cat's eye for good results.

Benefits of Original Cats Eye Gemstone

Original Cats Eye Gemstone has been very beneficial if worn as per the recommendations and advice of an astrologer. It has brought back the lost wealth and reinstated the ruined businesses. It has been helpful in detaching the wearer from the materialistic world. It has also been found to be helpful in healing certain diseases like cancer. It has also proved to be helpful for the hardworking children in their studies, who otherwise were deprived of good results in spite of hard work.

How to wear Cats Eye Gemstone

Original Cats Eye Gemstone or Lehsunia should be worn in gold or silver. A day before wearing, the ring is to be dipped in holy ‘Gangajal’. Then in the evening, the ring is to be purified and activated by chanting the mantra as given below 108 times before wearing the ring:-

ॐ ह्रीम केतवे नमः

Day and time to wear: Any Saturday evening of Krishna paksha (waxing moon)
Finger: middle finger of the right hand

Price of Original Cats Eye Gemstone

Cat’s Eye gemstones are not very costly and the price ranges between Rs 500/- to Rs 20,000/- per carat depending on the quality and origin of the gemstone, with the ones from Srilanka being costlier.


1. Which origin of Cats Eye Gemstone is better for astrological results?
Cats Eye Gemstone of Indian origin is a good choice.

2. When choosing Original Cats Eye Gemstone, what should I value more – color or origin?
Original Cats Eye Gemstone of good quality has a very fine eye appearance and the lower quality ones appear as a band and thin and fine eye.

3. On which finger can I wear Original Cats Eye Gemstone?
As per Vedic astrology, the Pukhraj ring should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand for the best astrological results.

4. What should be the minimum weight of Cats Eye Gemstone for astrology?
It should be a minimum of 2 to 3 carat or as prescribed by the astrologer.

Quality of Cats Eye Gemstone

Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying Original Cats Eye Gemstone:-


Indian, Srilankan Cats Eye Gemstone are the best for astrological and ornamental needs.


Cats Eye Gemstone are translucent and show very fine eye lining to depict the purity.

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