• 021737_Crystal Stone (Sphatik) _4.35 Carat Weight_ Origin India

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    Crystal Stones have healing properties. It is also known as Sphatik Ratan, we have original crystal gemstone of different carat weight

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Crystal Stones have healing properties. It is also known as Sphatik Ratan, we have original crystal gemstone of different carat weight

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Crystal Gemstones have healing properties.

Sphatik Mala

Sphatik attracts the tremendous power of the universe. The followers of Shiva mainly find this to get the blessings and remain attached.

Sphatik is an energised stone which improves a lot in lives. People always prefer this mantra to make their life a bit better. The Sphatik itself has purifying and healing properties. The Sphatik has a lot of divine energy. According to the ancient scriptures, it is said that it holds the attraction of Venus. The beads in this Sphatik  mala create a lot of great energy to calm the inner soul. The one who experiences low over thoughts and fears judgement even finds development in it. Even the one who doesn\\'t get healthy sleep would get one too.

When should it be worn?

Usually, some people wear it every day and the same, especially on Monday and Saturday. However, the days vary according to everyone\\'s perception, but whenever you start wearing it. Beforehand keep it in the cow\\'s milk and take it to some temple for taking the blessings of the divine goddess. The people suffering from health diseases and others find improvement in it. Even the people who have problems with their Kundli or horoscope get good results. If one is suffering from heart problems and frequent hiccups they should opt for this  Sphatik Stone

Mantra :

“Om HrimNamahShivayaOm.”

Benefits of Sphatik Stone:

1. This Sphatik Stone helps you in building confidence and keeps you awake.

2. Helps you to remain calm and cool

3. Keeps you healthy from certain diseases and small problems.

4. This Stone has strengthened the inner soul and keeps the negative energy away.

5. Sphatik Stone keeps you fresh and helps you in treating everything properly.

Appearance :

The Sphatik Mala is found to be a collection of 108 plus one beads of crystal stone. This Sphatik  mala has its effects of cooling the mind and keeps you calm in a difficult situation. These crystal beads can be worn or used during meditation. This crystal bead is round and transparent with a scared thread binding these together. These crystals are the substituted part of diamonds. The Japp of this Sphatik mala makes the surrounding healthy and away from negative vibrations. The stones are energised to make it in the form of Mala. The bwads of mala are related to Venus so a person who finds faults in Venus can opt for wearing it to improve their condition.

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