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Buy Crystal Gemstone (Sphatik) Online

Buy Crystal Gemstone Jewelry at best Price | Original Sphatik Stone

COLOURS Available: Blue, Brown, Pink, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Grey, Black, Orange and Multicoloured.


The RatanRashi Products info is as follow:

  • The stone beads are clear and round/jewel/twofold precious stone cut in shape.
  • As indicated by Astrology, Sphatik (Crystal) is connected with Venus.
  • Mala produced using Sphatik precious stone gives fixation, cools the body, and quiets the psyche.
  • Sphatik Mala cuts down the body intensity of the individual wearing mala.
  • Mala can be utilised for reflection purposes too.
  • Mala can be utilised for Japas of MahaLakshmi ,Shukra ,Gayatri , Saraswati , Ram , Sai Baba, Ganpati.
  • Spell Bounded with Holy Gangajal of Haridwar.

What is Crystal gemstone sphatik?

Crystal Gemstone Sphatik is known as a 'Master Healer' with natural innate healing properties that heals mentally, physically, emotionally and is a revered gemstone for stimulating spiritual energies. Wearing quartz stone as rings, bangles, garlands/padigammalai has rich benefits. Chanting mantras on crystal japa mala is a common practice in India.

Crystal Gemstone has inherent properties to purify crystal energies, remove negative energy from outer space and spiritual cleansing. Quartz stone is considered good in transforming energies from negative to positive. It brings clarity, purity, awakens inner vision and helps facilitate one's personal growth. Practitioners use quartz stones to clear the chakras of the body. The purifying effect of the auspicious crystal gemstone cleanses the energy bodies of a person.


Its Benefits :

  1. This Crystal gemstone sphatik helps you build confidence and keeps you alert.
  2. Helps you stay calm and cool
  3. Keeps you healthy from certain diseases and minor problems.
  4. This stone strengthens the inner self and keeps negative energy away.
  5. Sapphire stone keeps you fresh and helps treat everything properly.
  6. Making you rather instinctive, the Crystal Sphatik armband assists you with everything.
  7. It additionally creates shrewdness and separating power.
  8. The armband of Shukra works on the character, character, tastes, and inclinations of the wearer.
  9. For affection and close connections, this arm band is a help. One achieves a profoundly joyful and effective love life by wearing this delightful wristband.
  10. Shukra is the Karaka of marriage, its arm band eliminates impediments and postpones in marriage.


How to wear Crystal gemstone sphatik?

  • Many individuals don't have the idea about the right strategy to wear the mala of Sphatik stones
  • In any case, here we will let you know the whole cycle to wear it.
  • In the wake of purchasing a Sphatik mala, it should be stimulated and enacted for improved results.
  • From the start, you need to wash it with unadulterated water.
  • Then take out a compartment, add a modest quantity of blessed Gangajal and cow milk
  • Presently place the mala inside it for very nearly 30 to 45 minutes with the goal that every one of the negativities will vanish. Following 60 minutes, eliminate the mala from the fluid and wash it appropriately with new water.
  • Presently go to your home sanctuary, contact the mala to mother's heavenly feet, and enact it by reciting an incredible mantra that is "Point HreemShreemKleem".
  • Guarantee that the way to express every single word in the mantra ought to be extremely clear and exact. Also, after these all things, presently it is the right time to wear the mala around your neck.

Who Should Wear Clear Quartz?

It is mild, fixes stone to some advantage and has no side or adverse effects.

It fixes the person mentally, close to home and on a real level.

There are no limitations or restrictions on wearing it.

It is an astrological stone of any kind, so can be worn without the suggestion of a crystal viewer.

It is worn by any person of all ages and orientations.

One can wear it anytime, quickly, for as long as you need to reap the benefits.

A person should wear gems according to the right prerequisite and reason.

Each gemstone has its own healing properties and abilities, thus helping the wearer.

Distinguishing true spathic

The following steps will help you identify whether a gem is genuine or fake:

  • The precious stone is pale and straightforward to examine.
  • It is heavier in weight and utters a certain sound when it falls on the table.
  • All crystalline quartz has a general suspension nature.
  • Some Sri Yantras made of sapphire may have a white, shaded suspension.
  • A typical gemstone, quartz is slightly cold to the touch.

Why buy Crystal gemstone(sphatik) from RatanRashi?

At RatanRashi,

  • We ensure certain quality measures so that you get the best worth of the gemstone.
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  • We provide a lab certificate that ensures that Onyx gemstone is 100% natural.
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  • We also have a customer-friendly 10 days Return and Refund Policy.



Crystal gemstone(sphatik) is a precious stone to bring into your life, especially if you are someone who wants to align the chakras and channel various abilities. Regardless of whether you're just looking for a delightful stone that pumps up your inventive energy, Crystal gemstone(sphatik) is ready to make your dream come true at any stage.