• 522024-Natural-Ruby(Manik)-6.5-Carat Weight-Origin Thailand

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    • Origin: Thailand
    • Weight in carat: 6.50
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    Natural Ruby Gemstone does not contain impurities. Therefore, before purchasing the same product, try to check it.

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Natural Ruby Gemstone does not contain impurities. Therefore, before purchasing the same product, try to check it.

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Ruby Gemstone is one of the varieties of the mineral corundum, which's a form of aluminum oxide. Its color varies from deep red to pink color. It is also known as Manik Gemstone.

It is termed as one of the auspicious stones. It boosts positivity in the life of the wearer in a very special way.

Ruby is defined by color and consistency. Burmese sapphire is the most popular one. New mines in Africa and Asia have given customers a new market where they can find new varieties such as Mozambican ruby, Thai ruby, and Afghani ruby.

Clarity - Ruby is judged by the size, location, and imperfections naturally found in the gemstone.

Type of Ruby Gemstones

1. Burmese Ruby Gemstone:

This is one of the highest quality Ruby stones. These are usually found in Myanmar. Its smudge helps identify the original stone.

Origin: Myanmar

2. African Ruby Gemstone:

African ruby gemstones are purplish to dark red in color. There are varieties of sizes and qualities.

Origin: Mozambique and Kenya

3.Thai Ruby Gemstone:

This one is from the southeast of Bangkok. It is a mixture of iron and chromium, and because of them is dark in color.

Origin: Bangkok

4. Tanzania Ruby Gemstone:

The Tanzania ruby gemstone color diminishes with size. The size of the gemstone increases, the color of the stone starts to fade.

Origin: Songea

5. Madagascar Ruby Stone:

Rubies can be found in a wide variety. These ruby stones have red, orange, and natural red.

Origin: Andilamena and Vatomandry

How to wear Ruby Gemstone

They get all the benefits of the ruby gemstone, it can be worn with copper or gold. According to Astrologers, Gold is recommended and the ruby should not be less than 3 Ratti. The Ruby in the form of a ring is worn in the ring finger of the right hand for right-handed people and the same goes for the left-handed people. Make sure that you buy this gemstone from reliable and certified sellers.

Facts about Ruby Gemstone before purchasing :

  1. Natural Ruby Gemstone does not contain impurities. Therefore, before purchasing the same product, try to check it.
  2. Its origin should be known.
  3. The carat needs to be according to the budget and preferences.
  4. The perfect jewelry and material to be used for my stone.
  5. The size of the ruby should be determined.
  6. The clarity should be checked by the experts.
  7. You need to choose from a variety of colors.

Benefits of the Ruby Gemstone

  1. It provides professional and academic success to the student preparing for competitive exams.
  2. Improves the leadership qualities of the wearer.
  3. It raises the financial condition and maintains a luxurious lifestyle.
  4. It improves the general health of the wearer such as blood circulation and eyesight.
  5. It is beneficial for those with self-esteem issues.
  6. It positively improves the parental relationship of the wearer.

Before wearing the gemstone online ask the experts

Before buying gemstone-like Ruby gemstone, you should definitely talk to a professional. Astrologers who are experts will tell you the difference between real and fake.

Ratan Rashi's team of expert astrologers makes predictions and suggests precise treatments to stay well. Only after a deep analysis of your sign, they offer a solution.

Buy Ruby gemstone online. You can purchase this gemstone for astrology and jewelry.

Astrologer consultant in Ruby gemstone

According to astrologers, the authenticity of a ruby lies in its originality, color, etc. The color of the Ruby gemstone affects the benefits in the wearer's life. A translucent Ruby gems with a dark color is considered the dark-colored astrological influence.

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