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    Economy- Puja Samagries for 108 mantras + 2 pandits.
    Standard - Puja Samagries for 1008 mantras + 4 pandits.
    Premium - Puja Samagries + sangeet path + maha puja + navgrah Aarti for 8*1008 mantras + 5 pandits.

More about Maha Sudershan Homam Pooja

Economy- Puja Samagries for 108 mantras + 2 pandits.
Standard - Puja Samagries for 1008 mantras + 4 pandits.
Premium - Puja Samagries + sangeet path + maha puja + navgrah Aarti for 8*1008 mantras + 5 pandits.

The word Sudarshan is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Su' meaning 'auspicious'' and 'darshan' meaning 'vision'. Lord Vishnu's wheel which he used to destroy enemies,  is also known as Sudarshan Chakra. This wheel used to be in the right hand of Lord Vishnu and he used this weapon to preserve the universe from evil enemies. Lord Vishnu is the divine God who teaches us to live life in the proper way by removing all kinds of dangers and hurdles.

According to other religious books, Lord Krishna obtained it from the Devata Mandal. According to the holy Puran Mahabharata, Lord  Arjun and Lord Krishna helped the Agni Devta to burn the Khandav forest. Lord Krishna usually perched the Sudarshan chakra on his little finger while Lord Vishnu on his index finger. It is known that after destroying the enemies the auspicious chakra returned back to the attacker. The Sudarshan Homam magnifies the strength of the native to overcome financial, health problems, and karmic issues. The negative impacts due to the malefic effects of planets in a horoscope are also reduced by this Homam. It removes the evil and negative blockages from life. The Sudarshan Chakra is known to be 100 times more powerful than the sun's radiation. It is a strong factor for those who follow the path of Dharam and are into spirituality.

Maha Sudarshan Homam benefits

It protects one from evil enemies and negative influences. Sudershan Homam involves fire in the ritual. Performing this Homam helps in removing any kind of negativity, being victorious over the enemies, and protecting from the evil eye. This Homam purifies within and restores strength and well-being. It brings success and helps eradicate the hurdles caused by enemies. Sudarshan Homam is a powerful remedy to cure one of evil spirits and negative energies. This havan also protects one from the evil eye, black magic, and evil curses. One is blessed with happy and blessed life after performing this Homam.

The puja will include

Anujnaa, Achamanam, Navgrah Sthapan, Agni Sthapan, Invocation of all Gods and Goddesses, Navgrah Mantra Japa (one mala for each planet ), Vighneshwara Puja, chanting of Sudarshan mantra Japa followed by *Naarayanaakrupvyaha Tejaschakraya Nama*. Chanting Shri Sudershan Ashkatam, Pranayama Sankalpam Kalasa Shuddhi activating Sudershan Yantra, Homam with havan samagri, Purnahuti, Aarti, offerings for Grah Shanti and prasad to Brahmins.

Best time to perform this Homam

The most auspicious days to perform this Homam are Ekadashi, Purnima, and Swadeshi that fall on any Wednesday or Saturday.

The client can opt for the following alternatives

Economy- Puja Samagries for 108 mantras + 2 pandits.

Standard- Puja Samagries for 1008 mantras + 4 pandits.

Premium- Puja Samagries + sangeet path + maha puja + navgrah Aarti for 8*1008 mantras + 5 pandits.

Prasadam will be sent to the client via courier

Maha Sudarshan Homam Pooja

Performing a Maha Sudarshana homam pooja is one of the most effective ways to invoke the blessings of Lord Sudarshana. This chakra is known as a powerful occult and spiritual power. This article will discuss some of the benefits and repercussions of performing a homam. You will also learn how to prepare for a homam and the cost and expenses associated with it.

Cost of a Maha Sudarshan Homam pooja

Performing a Maha Sudarshan Homam pooja is a very powerful way to remove negativity from your life. This type of puja can be done at a temple or at your home.

The main purpose of the Homam is to remove obstacles and bring you health. The puja also protects you against negative energies. In addition to this, prayer also helps you to manifest your sincere desires.

The Maha Sudarshan Homam Pooja is conducted as per the shastras. It is a remedy for the elimination of the ten doshas. These doshas are also called the ten directions.

In addition to this, it helps to remove negative energies and bring wealth. It also protects you from enemies and the evil eye. This prayer also helps to restore your health and eliminate the difficulties on your path of accomplishment.

Expenses of a Maha Sudarshan Homam pooja

Performing a Maha Sudershan Homam Poja is one of the most powerful methods of gaining positive energy. The process helps to remove negativity and strengthens the person to overcome any challenge. Performing Homam is also a powerful solution to get rid of incurable diseases. It blesses the devotees with long life and knowledge.

Performing a Homam is a very ancient method in India. It is done with sincere devotion. The Homam is conducted by priests. The priests also perform other Vedic rituals based on the birth details of the person.

To perform the Homam, one should have the assistance of a learned pandit. This helps to shield the person from dark evil spells and enchantment. The process of performing the Homam can be done at home, in a temple, or in a sacred space.

Benefits of performing a Maha Sudarshan Homam pooja

Performing a Maha Sudarshan Homam Pooja is one of the best ways to protect you from all kinds of evil. It also helps you to achieve success and wealth.

A Homam is performed on certain days in order to ward off all negative influences. It is also believed that the homam is very helpful in removing the evil eye. During a homam, the participants chant a prayer to Lord Sudarshana. This prayer helps them to manifest sincere desires. It also helps in healing illnesses.

The homam is usually performed on Poornima, Ekadasi, and Dwadasi. A homam can be performed at home with the help of a professional priest. The homam includes the chanting of a sacred Mantra, a prayer to Lord Sudarshana, and a powerful samagri.

Lord Sudarshana Chakra is a powerful occult and spiritual power

Among the many powerful occult and spiritual weapons of Lord Narayana, the Maha Sudarshana Chakra is one of them. The Chakra, also known as the "wheel of time", is a disk-like weapon, with thousands of sharp edges. It is primarily used to eliminate enemies. This weapon is also used to purify the soul. It is believed to be one of the most powerful and effective weapons. It is the ultimate weapon of order. It is also used by Lord Krishna, who was the embodiment of Vishnu.

The Chakra is made from scraps from Shiva's trident and the dust from the sun. This mighty weapon has tremendous spiritual power and can be used by Lord Vishnu to destroy enemies. Typically, it is portrayed as a mace or as a spinning disc.

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