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    • Origin: India
    • Weight in carat: 101 Gram (64.26 X 26.64 mm)
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    Sulemani Hakik Eye

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Sulemani Hakik Eye

Sulemani Hakik Eye Known as Agate stone, Product knowledge for customer

In ancient times, the Sulemani Hakik was highly valued, it is considered to eliminate the unfavorable effects of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. It is one of the gifts that eliminate the evil effects of these planets. It has been used to change luck for centuries.

It is considered a fateful Eye. It is a semi-precious Eye. It can be worn by people of any religion.

How to wear Sulemani Hakik Eye

The stone must be energized by the sun's rays, for the user to obtain all the benefits of the stone. A silver metal ring should be used to support the stone. The ring is worn on the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday. It can also be worn around the neck.

Facts about Sulemani Hakik (Agate) Eye before purchasing

  1. The color, size, and weight determine the quality of the Eye.
  2. It is a high-quality stone when the color is bright.
  3. Before purchasing Sulemani Hakik due to its healing properties, make sure it is not cracked; it is shiny and should not be used by someone else.
  4. If you are buying Eyes for the sake of a good effect on your life, make sure not to compromise their brightness. It can also be used as a fashion statement according to your own desires.
  5. Make sure to buy the right Sulemani Hakik stone from a reputable and trustworthy place that offers high quality at a reasonable price.

Benefits of the Sulemani Hakik Eye

  1. It draws negative energy from the life of the wearer.
  2. It is good for eyesight.
  3. Boosts focus and performance. The wearer is committed to the goal and is set to achieve it.
  4. It controls the blood circulation.
  5. It is a powerful healer and more helpful for health problems.
  6. It boosts the concentration level of the wearer.
  7. It protects the wearer and their family from evil eyes.
  8. It also helps to overcome various hurdles that you are facing in your professional life.
  9. Pregnant ladies can also wear it, as they are more vulnerable to negative energies.
  10. It provides you with protection against bad dreams.

Before wearing the Eye ask the experts

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Buy online Sulemani Hakeek ( Agate ) Eye with Government Lab certification. Eye shape is oval, weight 19 carats,and color is Black & White. Sulemani Hakeek original stone. Buy a Sulemani Hakik online. You can buy this Eye for astrology and jewelry.

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