• 4 Mukhi Rudraksha - 16.28 X 15.56 MM Weight - Origin - Nepal

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    • Origin: Nepal
    • Weight in carat: 16.28 X 15.56 MM
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    4 Mukhi Rudraksha Shanka Mala is made of 108 beads of Gaurishankar Shanka.

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    • Pendant
    • Bracelet

More about 4 Mukhi Rudraksha - 16.28 X 15.56 MM Weight - Origin - Nepal

4 Mukhi Rudraksha Shanka Mala is made of 108 beads of Gaurishankar Shanka.

4 Mukhi Rudraksh 

Rudraksh ‘’ (garland of rudraksh) is made of various types and combinations of similar types or different types of Rudraksh as advised by the astrologer.

4 Mukhi Rudraksh  is made of 108 beads of 4 mukhi rudraksh. 4 mukhi rudraksh are not a rare variety of rudraksh and are easily available. 4 Mukhi  rudraksh is believed to have been blessed by the Lord ‘Brahma’. Four faces of Lord Brahma bring knowledge from all four directions to the wearer. It also depicts all four stages of life i.e brahmacharya, grihasta, vanacharya and sanyasa.

The wearer of 4 mukhi rudraksh  becomes more organised and improves his thought process. It improves the power of memory and hence is beneficial for people who want to gain knowledge like students, researchers etc.

The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha gives various health related benefits also like it is good for improvement of overall immumity of the body and also good for lungs.

4 Mukhi Rudraksh of Nepalese  origin is considered to be good quality and believed to give good and expected results.

How to wear 4 Mukhi  ?

4 Mukhi  first has to be purified and charged to make it ready for use of wearing. For this the  is to be purified with the holy ‘gangajal’, offered pooja and offered chanting of the mantra ॐ ह्रीम नमः 108 times.

 Regulations to be followed by the wearer of Rudraksh

1. Rudraksh  has to be worn only during day time and at night it is to be kept at a sacred place or ‘puja sthan’ in the house.

2. Wearers of Rudraksh  have to follow a ‘satvik’ style of living, not to consume liquor or non-vegetarian food.

3. Wearer has to speak only the truth and not do any evil or unethical activities.

4. Wearer is not supposed to indulge in sexual activity.

5. Before wearing Rudraksh , it is to be worshiped and charged by chanting the ‘beej mantra’ associated with the particular rudraksh being worn.

6. Female wearers must not wear the Rudraksh  during their menstrual cycle.

Price of 4 Mukhi Rudraksh

The price of 4 Mukhi Rudhraksh  ranges Rs 1500/- to Rs 5000/- depending on the quality of 4 Mukhi Rudraksh beads used.


1. Which origin of Rudraksh for  is better for astrological results ?

4 Mukhi  of Nepal origin Rudraksh is considered to be good.

2. Can 4 Mukhi rudraksh be worn single or is it worn in a  only?
Yes, 4 Mukhi rudraksh can be worn single also.  may be made from a different number of 4 mukhi beads and not necessarily 108 beads. 32 beads 4 mukhi rudraksh is considered to be beneficial.
3. What is the relevance of 4 Mukhi Rudraksh ?

This  is beneficial for people who are associated with studies or learning etc. It also improves the spoken skill of the wearer.

4. Does this rudraksh  have power to cure illness?

Yes this 4 mukhi  has immense healing power and is considered helpful in curing respiratory related issues.

Quality of Rudraksh

 Following are the suggested features that one should consider while buying Rudraksh:-

Nepalese Rudraksh are considered of best quality. Indonesian Rudraksh are relatively smaller in size and are also of good quality. Indian Rudhraksh are comparatively less preferred but are used in the  mixed with Nepalese, Indonesian and Java origin beads.


Generally Nepalese rudraksh beads are larger in size compared to the Indonesian counterparts and their size ranges from 25 to 30 mm. Sizes are chosen by the wearer as per their requirement, however bigger beads having larger surface area and hence more area in contact with the wearer’s body tend to give better results, but are bulky to wear.

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