• Shree Kanakdhara Yantra

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    The Shree Kanakdhara Yantra is a powerful Hindu talisman that can help a person overcome various problems in their life.

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More about Shree Kanakdhara Yantra

The Shree Kanakdhara Yantra is a powerful Hindu talisman that can help a person overcome various problems in their life.

The word ‘Kanakdhara’ is made up of two words, ‘Kanak’, which means ‘gold,’ and ‘Dhara; which means ‘flow.’ So, the word Kanak Dhara means a flow of gold.

Kanakdhara yantra is a means through which you can get the blessings of goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. This yantra is one of the most effective yantras that helps take poverty, clear debts, and attract abundant prosperity. The Kanak Dhara yantra also offers success in endeavors. This godly yantra protects one from losses and removes all the obstacles that block the path of monetary inflow.


Where should it be placed at home?


Yantra holds strong vibrations, which gives out positive energies in the location where it is placed. The Kanak Dhara yantra can be placed in a mandir, cash box, and cupboards . Whether you place it at the entrance of your home/workplace or whether you place it in your living room or reception or study room or office, the yantra fills the aura with pleasurable and positive vibrations. You can either place it on your table or hang it on a wall. The most suitable place to install the yantra is in the east direction facing west. The yantra gets energy from the rays of the rising sun.


Mantra :

‘ Om Hreem Sahastra Vadane Kanakeshwari

Sheeghram Avatar Aagachh Om Phat Swaahaa


Benefits of Shree Kanakdhara Yantra:


1. Draws wealth, good fortune, profitability, and riches

2. Helps in getting success in business and open doors for new endeavors

3. Shower Asht Riddhi and Nav Siddhi

4. Helps in clearing debts

5. Helps remove poverty and makes the worshippers financially stable


Appearance :


When you look at the Kanak Dhara yantra, you will see certain symbols that are engraved or inscribed on it. This yantra features circles, which are called shatkona. The chakras symbolize the rotation, which is central to the operation of the macrocosmic progression. Similarly, the circle symbolizes magnificence and the harmonious creative void of the Vishudha chakra. The circle depicts the air elements. The Padma (lotus) is believed to be the holy emblem of purity that resides in the chakras. A lotus in the yantra depicts the unconditional force of the remarkable complete truth. The lotus serves as a holy seat for devas (gods). It grows in the mud, symbolizing detachment to the external forces and maintaining true nature, which is pure and holy. The shatkona is an archetypal combination of two triangles structured in all the yantras. It characteristically denotes the divine unification of shiva, the male energy, and shakti, the female energy, which is the source of all creation.

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