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    Vishnu Yantra ( Size=9"X9")

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More about Vishnu Yantra

Vishnu Yantra ( Size=9"X9")

Vishnu ji is the protector of the universe. He is the guardian of all living things on Earth. When we worship Maha Vishnu, he is the protector of this universe. It guards all living things on this ground plane. When you worship him he brings you long life, prosperity, peace and success. You can achieve everything in your life. It invigorates the Yantra with its power to rejuvenate your spirits and confidence.

Vishnu ji is worshiped through Yantra, and once satisfied, deity removes all traces of poverty from one's life and infuses them with richness and happiness.The positive energy of this Yantra will keep you in the best aspects of your life, as offering your sincere prayers to Yantra will pave the way for success in all areas of your life.

This yantra consists of various geometric patterns. As these yantras are great conductors of positive energy. It is a powerful tool that attracts harmony, prosperity, health, etc.

It is made up of copper.


Yantra energizes the entire area where it is installed. You can place it near the entrance to your home / office / store or in the living room or reception. The best place for the Yantra is the eastern direction. It takes energy from the rising sun rays. The Divine Vibrations of the East Corner, Yantra provides positive transformative energies for dwelling through its mystical architecture.

How to use it?

1. The yantra should be placed in a clean spot facing the East or the North.

2. Only one person should be handling the yantra.

3. Wash the Yantra with rose water or milk and wipe it to dry.There might be a change in the color over time.

4.A paste of sandalwood is placed in circular points in the four corners and in the middle.

5. Light a lamp and offer fruits as prasad to the yantra.

Once you have completed all the steps, recite the mantra.


Vishnu Yantra's presence brings success, happiness, wealth, and triumphs. This Yantra protects you and your family from evil energies.

The following are the Mantras to recite for this Yantra

  1. NarayanayaVidhmahe
  2. VasudevayaDhimahi
  3. Tanno Vishnu Prachodayat
  4. Alternatively, this mantra can be used instead:
  5. Om NamoNarayanayaNamaha

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