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Buy Golden Topaz Gemstone (Citrine / Sunela stone) Online

Golden Topaz Gemstone naturally occurs as a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine. Topaz is considered to be one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals among silicates. Its hardness, variety of colors, and brilliant transparency has made it most sought after for use in jewelry as a cut gemstone Topaz. Its natural colors range from golden brown to yellow-Orange topaz (known as precious topaz). The Imperial topaz occurs in yellow, pink (rare, if natural), and pink-orange colors. Brazilian imperial topaz usually occurs in bright yellow to deep golden brown hue and sometimes it even shows violet color. Naturally occurring blue topaz and Mystic Topaz (colorless) are very rare varieties. Topaz displays pleochroic property, which means that the gem shows different colors when viewed from different angles.

Reserves of Topaz are found with fluorite and cassiterite in various areas including the Ural and Ilmensky Mountains of Russia, in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Pakistan, Italy, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Flinders Island, Australia; Nigeria and the United States. Brazil is one of the largest producers of the topaz worldwide.

Astrologically the yellow topaz has been found to be beneficial. It is used as a substitute for yellow sapphire. Its ruling planet is Jupiter and is worn to overcome the ill-effects of Jupiter due to the badly placed Jupiter in the chart.

Vedic Rashi: Sagittarius and Pisces

Who should wear Golden Topaz Stone?

This stone should be worn by the people who have badly placed Jupiter in their chart. People who are facing a problem in the profession and have instability in the finances are advised to wear this gemstone. It is also suggested to the people having a problem of progeny.

Benefits of wearing Golden Topaz Gemstone.

This Stone has been found to be very beneficial to the people working in government jobs and has given them career progression. It also helps in the profession of judiciary and people associated with academics. It improves the creativity of the wearer. It gives a boost to the financial status of the native and helps in achieving the goals. It has shown very positive results in solving the issues related to progeny.

Yellow Topaz has got many healing properties. It is very beneficial in curing psychological disorders and depression. It also helps in curing liver-related ailments.

How to wear Golden Topaz Stone?

Yellow Topaz should be worn on a Thursday morning on the index finger of the working hand. It should be worn in gold or Panchdhatu. It should be worn as per 1/10 of the body weight, this means if someone weighs 60 Kgs then he should wear 6 Ratti gemstones. 

Topaz Gemstone Price

Yellow topaz price ranges from Rs 200/- to Rs 600/- per carat at ratanrashi. It is not very precious and is used as a substitute for yellow sapphire.


1. Which origin Golden Topaz stone is the best?
Brazillian Golden Topaz stone is considered to be the best.

2. Which planet is associated with yellow Golden Topaz Gemstone?
Jupiter is associated with this Gemstone.

3. Does yellow Golden Topaz Gemstone get faded?
Yes, it gets faded when exposed to light for a long time. It can also be treated with chemicals to fade its color.

4. Can colorless topaz be used in place of this Gemstone?
Topaz Gemstone is rare and costly. As an alternative, colorless topaz is heat-treated to make it appear yellow and sold in place of yellow topaz as a fake, however, its color fades soon.

5. Which is better, Golden Topaz Gemstone or citrine?
Both are substitutes for yellow sapphire. Golden Topaz Gemstone is a mineral and is rare as compared to citrine which is quartz and is not so rare. Yellow topaz is a better choice if it is not lab-treated and is original.


To assess the quality of yellow topaz following quality parameters should be considered:-


Yellow topaz from Brazil with consistent color and clarity is the best quality available.


Yellow Topaz from Brazil of deep yellow color hues and a slight pink tint is the best quality.


This stone displaying transparency with the least visible inclusions are considered of the highest quality.

The sunela stone is another name for Golden topaz. This sunela stone has a high vibration and is believed to increase one's self-esteem and confidence. It can also help one manifest their desires through the seven laws of attraction. This gemstone is also said to help one manifest money according to Divine Will. If you are seeking to make money manifest into your life, this gemstone is the right choice for you.

Sunela stone  is popular as a birthstone, a natural stone that encourages the protection of the gods. It is also said to encourage creativity and has been regarded as a birthstone for November. Its radiant yellow color can promote personal goals and desires, peace and faith, and optimism. It also protects from evil intent. If you are planning to buy a citrine crystal, make sure you get it from a certified dealer.

The Natural goden topaz stone is found in Brazil and Mexico, and is often referred to as sunehla in India. It is also used in Hindu and Islamic rituals. It is associated with the third eye chakra and is the birthstone of November. It is also associated with Jupiter and is believed to improve one's career and financial status. It is an excellent choice for jewelry because of its durability and color.

The original citrine gemstone is also used for meditation, and is useful in both personal and professional environments. Wearing a pendant made of this stone can help you stay faithful to your ideals, as well as become aware of the spiritual vibration. It is also used for chakra healing. If you're planning a celebration, wearing this stone while entertaining guests is a great way to create a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere.

Besides being beautiful, the citrine gemstone also has many metaphysical benefits. It enhances one's concentration and helps one be more efficient in his or her career. It relieves one from negative emotions, so they can be confident. The topaz stone is also beneficial for the skin, as it heals jaundice, tuberculosis, and bones problems. The citrine birthstone is a powerful stone for those who love to write and trade.

The topaz gemstone citrine birthstone has several health benefits, and is excellent for the solar plexus, spleen, and sacral chakra. It helps people adapt to new situations. It stabilizes money and prevents loss. It also heals the chakras and helps people relax, especially during sleep. As a result, Yellow citrine gemstone is a very good choice for those who wish to improve their mental health.

A Natural yellow topaz necklace or bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry. You can pair it with white gold or silver for a striking statement look. You can also present a yellow topaz pendant to a friend or loved one on their birthday. There are many different types of Yellow Topaz pendants available on the market, including vintage style and silver key pendants. You can find one that fits your budget and style!