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    Putrajeevak mala seeds are effective for the treatment of various ailments, including headaches. They reduce inflammation of the joints and throats and are also effective against cold, fever, and rheumatism.

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More about Putrajeevak mala

Putrajeevak mala seeds are effective for the treatment of various ailments, including headaches. They reduce inflammation of the joints and throats and are also effective against cold, fever, and rheumatism.

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In the classical ayurvedic system, putrajeevak means "life giver to a son". The putra in putra jeevak does not refer to the sex of the child. It is a general name that can be used for both boys and girls. The name putrajeevak originated due to the supremacy that sons were given in patriotic indian society.

Putrajeevak Mala seeds treat headaches

Putrajeevak mala seeds are effective for the treatment of various ailments, including headaches. They reduce inflammation of the joints and throats and are also effective against cold, fever, and rheumatism. The seeds are best taken after meals with lukewarm water. They are also known to reduce the redness of pimples. Pimples can be caused by oily skin and hormonal imbalances. By consuming putrajeevak seeds, you can maintain clean skin.

Another benefit of Putrajeevak seeds is its ability to promote procreation. It helps prevent recurrent abortions and improves female reproductive health. It also promotes sexual urges in women and men. In addition, it improves sperm count in men. If you have a recurring headache, you can apply a paste made from Putrajeevak seeds on your scalp. It will provide instant relief.

Putrajeevak seeds increase sexual urges

Putrajeevak seeds have many uses. Some people use them for fertility, others for treating various ailments. It is used in some traditional medicines to increase sexual desire. The seeds, which smell like mustard, contain substances known as isothiocyanates, which are good for a woman's reproductive health. Traditionally, this plant has been used for fertility and to cure a variety of illnesses, including gynecological conditions.

Putrajeevak seeds increase sexual desire in women. They are also used to treat pain in the joints and muscles. In addition to increasing sexual urges, they can reduce inflammation. Compared to chemical treatments, these seeds can be consumed in small amounts to alleviate pain.

Putrajeevak seeds improve sperm count

Putrajeevak seeds improve spermal count in a number of ways. They improve the quality of sperm and the quantity of the sperm. These seeds are also known for their health benefits, such as enhancing appetite and improving urination. The seeds are also aphrodisiacs and are used to treat a range of health conditions, including infertility.

Putrajeevak seeds are a natural remedy for infertility and help improve the reproductive health of both males and females. It works as a uterine tonic and strengthens uterine linings. This helps prevent miscarriages and helps the embryo implant properly. The Putrajeevak seeds should be taken in a powder form with milk to improve sperm count.

Putrajeevak seeds reduce inflammation

Putrajeevak seeds are used in traditional Indian medicine for a variety of conditions. These seeds are known to reduce inflammation in the body. Putrajeevak seeds are also useful for treating cough and celiac disease. In addition, they are an antipyretic. Putrajeevak seeds are also used to treat various gynecological ailments.

While Putrajeevak seeds do not have any contraceptive properties, they are effective for improving fertility and reducing inflammation in the reproductive organs. They also work as a uterine tonic. These seeds improve the functioning of the ovaries, allowing them to release mature eggs and fertilize them. They can also prevent miscarriage and promote a healthy pregnancy.

Putrajeevak seeds are used to treat knee pain, headaches, and other ailments. The seeds are also effective for treating cold and fever and can help with rheumatism. They should be consumed with lukewarm water and after meals.

Putrajeevak seeds prevent miscarriage

Putrajeevak seeds are said to have anti-miscarriage properties. They contain aphrodisiac properties and can improve sperm count in men. They also promote healthy female reproductive organs. Furthermore, they help in the prevention of constipation and improve digestion. Furthermore, they also improve eyesight and immunity.

The Putrajeevak seed contains fatty acids and essential oils. The seed extract contains trace amounts of b-sitosterol and linoleic acids. Putrajeevak seeds also contain isothiocyanate glycosides and glucoputranjivin, which promote reproductive health. Moreover, Putrajeevak seed oil has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries.

Putrajeevak seeds are generally considered safe for pregnant and lactating women. They do not contain any significant allergens. However, the Ayurveda recommends against taking them if you have kapha dosha, since they may aggravate this dosha. For these reasons, putrajeevak should be taken with milk, not water.

  • Putrajeevak Mala - Putrajeevak beej is a seed of an evergreen tree that flower and frucitifies in the month of March to May.
  • Bark of this true is helping in curing bites of venomous insects. But the most popular use of this plant is use of this seeds of the tree.
  • Putrajeevak Mala is a medicinal plant that aids in the process of pro creation by playing an important role in treating sterility , infertility and reccuring abortions.
  • It is beneficial for the reproductive health of both the male and female partners.This is being used for ages in treating reproduction related problems.
  • This “Purtajeevak Mala” helps to increase sexual urges and performance in a person.This mala helps to improve sperm count in men.
  • This helps to increase the chances of a woman to conceive and solves the issue of infertility, or not having a baby.
  • Using of this mala is much safer than the chemical and artificial options available for the same purpose.
  • Purtajeevak means life giver to son. Here, Putra in Putrajeeva means baby boy or baby girl.

The mala helps in reducing inflammation in joints . This mala doesn’t works only for reproductive organs but also helps people to get rid of the stubborn pimples and the redness caused due to it.

  • Pimples are a common concern for those people who are suffering from hormonal imbalances and have oily skin.
  • “Purtajeevak Mala” is extremely effective in treating cold, fever and rheumatism.
  • This provides relief from congestion and provides immense relief to people.
  • This mala has the ability to neutralize the snake poison.
  • This mala also deals with the problem of headaches it cures headaches and also gives relief from migraine pains.
  • This mala is beneficial for people who want to ensure well being and longevity of their children.
  • This mala acts as a shield against bad influences for children.
  • A woman can do japaa by the help of this mala and enchant mantras and worship the Sun God.
  • This mala is also known as “Putra Prapti Mala”.
  • This Purtajeevak Mala is known to have medicinal, mystic, and Sattvic properties which helps a woman to conceive a child.
  • This mala is made using 108 seeds from Putrajeeva tree.

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