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    Buy red chandan mala online at best price. Red Chandan mala is one of the most powerful and effective among all other gemstones.

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More about Red Chandan Mala

Buy red chandan mala online at best price. Red Chandan mala is one of the most powerful and effective among all other gemstones.

Red Chandan Mala - Is it Beneficial?

It is used for Chanting of mantra of Goddess Gayatri and Surya mantras.
It is valuable for satisfying the goddesses while of white is helpful for the divine beings. Shoe trees are tracked down for the most part in the timberlands of Assam. It is heavier than the other wood and sinks in water.  Red Chandan Mala has a wonderful smell, which is its principal quality. This is called by various names in various dialects. The Red Chandan Mala consists of 108 dots of Red Chandan Mala, of the greatest quality and power, and one Meru dab.

It is thought of as extremely propitious for recitation of Mantras, or for day to day love. It ought to be utilised for 'Vashikaran' and 'Akarshan', to impact the personalities of others, and make an effect on them. Goddesses shower their blessing on the individual who wears a Red Chandan Mala and on the off chance that he wears that of white, divine beings shower their invocation on him.The reciting of Vishnu, Smash, Krishna and Jupiter are performed with a Red Chandan Mala. A man can have an idealistic mindset, inner serenity, adequate rest, and so on and confidence in divine beings in the event that he wears a Red Chandan Mala.

Advantages of Wearing Red Chandan Mala

•    It gives assurance from both physical and mental adversaries.
•    It helps in monitoring the faculties.
•    It is an ideal mala for those wishing to carry on with a profound existence.
•    Those focused on moksha through self acknowledgment ought to wear the Red Chandan Mala
•    A decent choice for those is confronting property related questions and different issues.
•    It additionally gives security from a wide range of negative powers.

Red sandalwood mala is one of the most powerful and effective among all other gemstones. These gemstones are associated with the astrological symbol. From the ancient Hindu culture, these stones are found to be very eminent. These gemstones attract most people around, and many women take these beads as a daily ornament of adoring them. These mala are termed to be astrological symbols. These beads are found to be magical for dosha. These are those precious diamonds which glaze red. Sandalwood boosts the immunity and remains well. The people who are wearing get support over administration or problems related to court issues.

Abhimantrit red sandalwood mala

This red sandalwood mala is made of 108 beads in a traditional knot. It has a cool and soothing aroma that is perfect for meditation. It is also helpful for many health issues, including heart disease and indigestion. The red sandalwood beads are particularly good for ngondro practice.

Red sandalwood is a symbol of Brahma and is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. Red sandalwood, which is similar to red cedar, has a more subtle scent than its white counterpart. In Buddhism and Hinduism, sandalwood malas are valued for their cooling and pacifying properties. They are also prized by Vajrayana Buddhists in the Himalayan region.

Gemtre Vaijayanti mala

The Gemtre Vaijayanti mala is a powerful rosary for the goddess Lakshmi. This rosary is made of transparent quartz crystals that are energized. When worn, this mala will bring rewards for your laborious efforts. It is also said to banish poverty.

This mala can help you get rid of the effects of evil eye and black magic. The original white vaijanti seeds found in this mala are known to protect against evil energy. The vaijanti seed is sourced from the forests of Braj. The term "vaijayanti" literally means "victory". Wearing this mala can help remove malefic effects from all planets.

Sphatik mala

The Red Chandan ki Sphatik malo is a powerful piece of meditation jewelry that is used to help calm the psyche and reduce stress. It also helps a person relax and promotes good sleep. The sphatik stone, also called quartz, is believed to strengthen the mind, help in mental focus, and regulate the body temperature. In addition, the Sphatik beads are also known to soothe headaches and other physical pains.

The Red Chandan ki Sphatik malo is made from 108+ beads of varying sizes, each measuring about 7-8mm. The beads are knotted together using strong white/orange thread. It also comes with an original Red Sandalwood mala and two variants of Sphatik mala.

Rudra Parad mala

The Rudra Parad mala is a great way to boost your spiritual energy and heal yourself. The five-faced rudraksha, real parad, and mercury beads are all part of this mala. This combination of Rudraksha and Mercury can help cure many diseases and increase your physical health.

Wearing the Rudraksha and Parad mala regularly can bring you health, happiness, and prosperity. These sacred stones work on the Sahasrara Chakra, boosting association with Lord Shiva. It is also used to remove malicious diseases.

Lal Chandan ki mala

The Lal Chandan ki mala is a very useful talisman for anger management and improving emotional stability. It also helps in developing an achiever's mindset. It improves thinking, creativity, and decisiveness. In addition, it helps in reducing fever and indigestion. It also aids in gaining a high level of concentration.

This talisman is made of high-quality red sandalwood and contains a divine energy force. Its fragrance enchants your senses and promotes your positive thinking. It can also help you attract prosperity and abundance.


  • Wearing thise mala helps in personal improvement and building positive thoughts in mind.
  • The one who is seeking for jobs or starting a new business gets benefited after wearing this.
  • If a person is suffering from depression, then they should opt for these beads.
  • One is advised to wear off they are suffering from a sleep disorder
  • The one who wants a wealthy and prosperous life can wear this.
  • Helps in being positive and healthy movement towards life path.


These are copper-red colour beads. The aroma of these beads spreads fragrance and beauty. These are the collection of 108+1 beads. According to the wish of people, they choose this gemstone with the gold thread or other. The element of this gemstone gives a natural look over the presence of sunlight, and even appears to be good. It has a smooth finish and texture. Buy Red Chandan Mala from ratanrashi meerut at best price.

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