• Ganapati Homam Pooja

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    Economy- puja Samagries for 108 mantras + 2 pandits
    Standard - puja Samagries for 1008 mantras + 4 pandits
    Premium - puja Samagries + sangeet path + grand puja + 5 pandits + Navgrah Aarti for 8*1008 mantras.

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More about Ganapati Homam Pooja

Economy- puja Samagries for 108 mantras + 2 pandits
Standard - puja Samagries for 1008 mantras + 4 pandits
Premium - puja Samagries + sangeet path + grand puja + 5 pandits + Navgrah Aarti for 8*1008 mantras.

Lord Ganesha is an amorphous deity- enclosed in a glorious form, for the welfare of the devotee. According to Hindu folklore, Lord Ganesha is the son of Mahadev Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, who brings success, intelligence, and good fortune into one's life. He is the divine consciousness that permeates and establishes the order in the world. Lord Ganesha brings observed as the Elephant-headed God, his Swaroop is just to depict the different aspects of the Divine. Lord Ganpati is the positive energy that flows and is the reason for the existence of this universe. He is the energy with which everything begins and then dissolves.

Religious Importance of Ganapathi Ritual:

For healthy life, abundance, and prosperity.

This ritual can be carried out before any religious occasion.

Invocation of Lord Ganpati is done before we begin any work or ceremony of any ritual or havan on all religious and pious occasions and festivals. He is known as the Vighnaharta who eradicates all the hurdles in the path of abundance, happiness, and peace.

To achieve happiness, abundance, wealth and good healthy life this ritual is performed. Praying to Lord Ganapati removes all the obstacles which are occurring in work, and business and also blesses the native with victory in all his ventures. Native who is having Ketu Dasha in his chart can also do the Ganapati ritual as performing this ritual pleases Ketu and reduces the effects of Ketu Dasha.

If the native is having any kind of losses when beginning any new venture, business or work or getting married then the Ganapati ritual is very essential. It can also be performed to remove all the hurdles in one's life and also for your child's well-being or on this birthday. Lord Ganpati, the Elephant headed God symbolizes the supreme Avatar who removes all the hurdles and brings peace and prosperity in one's life.

Best days to perform Ganapati Ritual :

Before beginning any new venture or job

Sankatahara chaturthi

Vinayaka chaturthi and Chaturthi days of every month.

Also, it can be performed on Tritiya of Navratri.

The puja will include :

Anujnaa, Achamanam, Navgrah Sthapana, Agni Sthapan, Invocation of God's and Godesses, Navgrah Mantra japa ( one mala each for nine planets), Vighneshwara pooja, Lord Shiva shtapan, Maa Parvati Sthapan, Pranayama and Sankalpam Kalasa Shuddhi, the Dikpaalaka pooja along with Panchopachara pooja also being performed for the God, Homam with havan samagri, worshipping and energising Ganapati yantra, Purnahuti, Saarthi, offerings for Grah Shanti and prasad to Brahmins.

Client can choose any one of the following options :

Economy- puja Samagries for 108 mantras + 2 pandits

Standard - puja Samagries for 1008 mantras + 4 pandits

Premium - puja Samagries + sangeet path + grand puja + 5 pandits + Navgrah Aarti for 8*1008 mantras.

The prasadam of this Pooja will be sent by courier to the client.

Ganapathi Homam Pooja

Performing a Ganapathi Homam Puja is a good way to get the blessings of the Lord Ganesha. The Lord Ganesha is an enlightened God who helps in removing the obstacles in our life and brings happiness, prosperity, success, and good health.

Preparation of kootu, appam and modakam

Performing a 'Ganapathy homam' is a great way to please the Lord. This pooja has many rituals and procedures. It is a popular one for farmers and people who work on the river banks. It is also one of the auspicious days of the month. If you are planning to perform this pooja, here are some suggestions.

You can use Tulsi leaves to decorate the Ganesha idol. It is not normally allowed to use Tulsi in this ritual. The 'Bhagavathy Seva' is also auspicious to please the Goddess Durga-Lakshmi.

The Modakam is one of the dishes that are made during a Ganapathy homam. It is a popular sweet. The recipe calls for a 1:1.5 ratio of dal to jaggery. You can also make it with rice and urad dal batter.

Lord Ganesha is invoked before starting any work or puja

Whenever you perform any puja, the first Deity that you invoke is Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is associated with wisdom, wealth, and intellect. It is also believed that he is a harbinger of good fortune.

Ganesha is a very popular Hindu divinity. He is also referred to as the Lord of Good Fortune and the Destroyer of Obstacles. He is considered the first of the three Ishvaras, or divine beings.

Ganesha is worshipped before any endeavor or puja, and he is associated with the initiation of new ventures. He is said to guide people in mysterious ways. His symbol is the rat and the mouse, and he is often seen with Lakshmi, Sarasvati, and other Goddesses.

Ganesha is also associated with the Muladhara chakra. The Muladhara is the first chakra, and it is associated with the instinct for survival, procreation, and material well-being.

Lord Ganesha removes obstacles

Performing Ganapathy homam pooja is believed to get rid of all kinds of obstacles that a person faces in his life. It also gives good health and prosperity. People also perform the homam before starting new businesses or any other activity. In addition to this, it helps to reduce the negative effects of Kethu Graha.

In this homam, a lot of things are offered to the deities. Things are offered to Lord Ganesha, Kethu, Shiva, Shiva's consort Parvati, Ganesha's consort Lakshmi, and Devi Bhagwati. These things reach the deities when they are offered in the fire. The deities then bless the person with good health, prosperity, and luck.

This is a very powerful Homam. It can bring about an unprecedented change in one's fortune. It also enlightens one's spiritual mind. Qualified Vedic Pandits perform it.

Lord Ganesha enlightens the mind with intellect

During Ganapathi homam pooja, Lord Ganesha is invoked to grant the devotee success, prosperity, wealth, and health. Lord Ganesha is believed to have the power to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of a person's success. It is also said that he can help you get rid of diseases and problems.

It is said that Lord Ganesha is the master of all senses. He is also the master of the mind. He is considered to be the gatekeeper of the Sushumna Nadi. Performing Ganapathi homam pooja is said to be the best way to worship the God of wisdom.

The Ganapathi homam can be performed at home or at a temple. It is a traditional Hindu ritual. It is performed once in a year or on an annual basis. It is a very good ritual to perform if you are suffering from depression, injuries, or any other health problems. This ritual can also give you peace and stability in your life.

Lord Ganesha brings happiness, prosperity, success and good health

Performing Ganesha homam is an excellent way to get rid of all the hindrances in your life. This Homam entails the worship of the elephant-like Lord Ganesha, which is known for its power to overcome obstacles.

In addition to this, it is also known to be a harbinger of success, prosperity, and good health. The homam is performed before starting any new business or venture. The homam also helps people to overcome health problems, depression, anxiety and other related issues. It is also a good practice to perform Ganesha homam if you want to please Ketu.

Ganesha Homam is also performed for the continuation of success in your task. It also helps to get rid of all the negative energies and keep hindrances at bay. It is also recommended for those who are planning to take up a new venture, such as a new business, investment, or marriage.



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